Klitschko Foundation presented its vision of social projects in Kyiv

On Tuesday, October 25, the representatives of charity organizations, socially responsible businesses and media gathered at the same table

The meeting was initiated by the organizers of the project English Capital in partnership with the Kyiv City State Administration. Marketers and communications professionals from such companies as Zarina, Ukrsibbank, Luxoptica and Retail Group, as well as charities and officials talked about actual problems of the corporate social responsibility and shared their own experiences of projects’ implementations.

The companies’ peculiar cases, their achievements and problems during the projects’ implementation, as well as coverage of the events in the mass media became the main accents of the meeting.

Media described how to interest the journalists with the social project and invite them to the remote areas. Project organizers also asked why the material does not get on the air sometimes, and media representatives gave a few tips:

- to plan project’s activity in advance

- to describe the most interesting moments of the project

- personal contacts

- to understand of the media, their audience and sphere

- to try to get into the low airtime season

- to plan the quality of the material and vivid images.

Hanna Terletska, project manager of the Klitschko Foundation, also joined the event and presented the current activities of the Fundation. The corporate social responsibility, cooperation with big business and the systematic implementation of its own projects were discussed.

Companies shared the issues they happen to face while implementing the project with the social sector. In particular, the media publish little information about the role of business in such projects and corporate responsibility of companies, ignoring positive news and focusing on the negative ones. Also businessmen told about the internal principles of projects’ selection for sponsorship, gave the members of the audience advice on applying for funding and fund representatives emphasized on the importance of transparency and accountability of the projects. Participants agreed on further cooporation in order to change the country for the better.