Klitschko Foundation interns were participated training program «Active Citizens» from the British Council

On Saturday, February 20, 2016, Klitschko Foundation conducted a training program «Active Citizens» from the British Council for interns and volunteers that are participating in the projects of the Foundation. The training took place at the Museum of Klitschko brothers’ achievements.

The first module of the training - "Me and my identity" was finished. It consisted of the active participation of all participants, constant movement and communication, which later increases in the understanding and willingness to work as a team. With interesting tasks, participants talked about themselves, their character and future plans and facilitator of the training Alina Nosenko (Director of the Klitschko Foundation), shared her secrets and personal work practices.

"It seems that we are not only better acquainted with one another, but each of us has opened a new "myself "- said a PR-department intern of Klitschko Foundation Dima Romanchuk. The training «Active Citizens» is divided into several modules and with each of them participants will not only reveal themselves, but they will obtain new knowledge to create their own social projects.