Klitschko Foundation interns meet with EPAM HR specialists

HR specialist Evgeniya Nazarchuk from American IT company EPAM showed Foundation interns the secrets to a good resume and successful interviewing

On April 28, 2016, Klitschko Foundation interns got the chance to listen to practical recommendations on finding employment from Evgeniya Nazarchuk, HR specialist from the American software development company EPAM. Evgeniya has advanced from assistant recruiter to lead HR specialist, along the way handling thousands of resumes and interviews, and can give real advice to those who are just starting their careers.

"You have to understand that looking for work is also work. And the more you work at it now, the fewer mistakes you will make in the future!” says Evgeniya.

She also shared her professional experience to help the interns better understand how resumes result in interviews. “When I see a lot of small text in a resume, I put it aside,” said Evgeniya. “HR sees hundreds of resumes a day, and we want to get maximum information from minimum text. Make your CV user friendly!”

But an overload of text is not the only problem beginners face. Evgeniya told interns that the hardest part is highlighting your competitive advantage. “You are Ukraine’s proactive youth. You take part in social projects, manage massive events, and create new initiatives. Use this experience in your resume! Social activity adds to your value on the graduate market!”
In her opinion, no less important is having several resumes: “When you apply for a specific position, read the candidate requirements carefully. A recruiter doesn’t need information about your restaurant work experience if the vacancy is related to operating systems.”

While there really are high barriers to entry on the labor market for newcomers, Evgeniya assured the interns that their resumes will transform dramatically along with their professional development. Some points will become irrelevant, but others will appear to add weight to the CV.
Once the resume stage is past, the bigger test remains: the interview. Here, says Evegeniya, the first impression matters: "Dress accordingly, learn as much as you can about the company – this will give you confidence and demonstrate your interest. And no recruiter will be interested in complaints about your previous employer – no one wants to work with whiners.”

Evgeniya also recommended not being shy in asking about interview results if the company isn’t quick to answer. “There have been cases where that call got the candidate the job.”
The biggest surprise for the interns was learning about the existence of so-called ‘stress interviews.’ “The interviewer will push on your emotions trying to test your resistance to stress,” said Evgeniya. “This isn’t the most common practice, but more than half of all candidates are weeded out on this stage. Don’t get caught!”

Evgeniya’s closing advice concerned job search resources, like the well-known LinkedIn: "Take this resource and use it, don’t be afraid to request recommendations and endorsements of your skills. HR specialists in large international companies are doing more and more of their ‘dream employee’ hunting there.”
Evgeniya’s series of employment life hacks raised a flurry of questions from the interns. The HR specialist raised the curtain on a subject that is always relevant. But it’s not enough just to learn about the first steps in the job search – you have to stay up to date with the market and adapt to changing times.

Only one thing remains to add: Fight for your dream – and get the job you deserve!


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