Klitschko Foundation attended International Mayors Congress

On the December 5 in Kyiv the first International Mayors Congress, a forum of leaders of local government aimed at introducing innovative solutions and sharing best city management practices was held. The project took place at the initiative of the Agency for Strategic Communications and Development "Corporate Efforts" and Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

The session was opened by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman. Cases of modernization  was presented by  local government representatives from Canada, the Czech Republic and Poland, whose reports were devoted to innovative trends in urban development and good governance at the municipal level. Canadian colleagues presented already implemented project of transformation cities from industrial to the modern with the new economy.

There was an exhibition devoted to opportunities for the development of city government, including grants for community initiatives and funding technical assistance projects.

"Congress provides a unique opportunity to inspire with foreign experiences, and more than that - to learn from our Ukrainian colleagues who have already implemented important changes in their cities. The community of the city is a great resource and support for the mayor, and its involvement is a sign of responsible leadership "- Irina Ozymok, Head of the Local Economic Development of Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

Congress was also attended by Ukrainian mayors and representatives of the Ukrainian specialized authority that presented domestic practices of government modernization.

The forum gave the unique opportunity to learn from foreign colleagues and develop projects in urban planning. Thus was created the platform on which local governments teams from different countries can get acquainted with the latest trends in urban development.