Klitschko Foundation announces the tender for providing SMM-services

We are in search for the agency, which shares the Foundation’s views on education, science and sport and is ready to help us bring our ideas to life.

The agency will be responsible for:

  • Development of the publishing schedule
  • Preparation of the texts of the posts in social media
  • Prepare visual materials for the publications
  • Periodical preparation of the content for the mail delivery
  • Planning and distribution of the social netwotks’ advertising budget


The following skills will be an advantage during the consideration of your application:

  • Motion-design
  • Infographics
  • Prepress procedure
  • Video editing


Text content should be prepared in three versions

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian


We are working with the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Vkontakte
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Pay attention that the agency`s activity will be ruled by the Foundation`s manager and in accordance with the defined communication strategy and the brandbook. The Klitschko Foundation will pay in hryvnia and by cashless settlement.

What should you do? 

You can find the list of the necessary documents and the tender offer in the attachment.

Download the list of documents

Please note that apart from the tender documentation you should submit the copies or original of your constituent instrument. Please take into account that the papers should be filled with the information about your company in an electronic form, printed on a corporate letterhead of the Klitschko Foundation, signed and stamped. The copies of the documents should also contain a stamp, signature and a note “Verified with the original”.

You should send your text offer to the following address 01601, Kyiv, Mechnykova str.,2, Klitschko Foundation Mailbox, 1 floor before on 16th September 2016.


The winner will be defined on 23th September 2016.


Additional information:

Druhak Nataliia / Klitschko Foundation

+38 044 492-80-04

+38 097 061-68-93

[email protected]