Klitschko Foundation announces a tender for the supply of presses!

We are looking for a company specializing in the manufacture of mechanical presses for waste briquetting.

We are looking for a company that specializes in the manufacture of mechanical presses for briquetting waste.

As part of the Zero Waste School project, we teach school teams how to initiate, plan and implement their own projects. We will choose the best and give a press for briquetting waste.

To calculate the tender offer, it is recommended to provide information on the cost of the following item: number of presses 20 units.

Who will win the tender?

The selection criteria are based on the reliability of the supplier company, the best price, the proposed approach and methodology, the professionalism of the staff and the completeness of the documents.

What needs to be done?

The tender offer must be sent by October 16 inclusive.

The list of required documents and the tender offer are presented in the attached file.

Please note that with the attachment of the tender documentation you need to add copies or originals of your statutory documents.

The tender offer must be prepared in paper form and sent to the address: Kyiv, Nova Poshta branch №365, recipient Klitschko Foundation, +380 98 709 1996, by October 16 inclusive.

Note that the papers should be filled in with information about your company in electronic form, printed on the letterhead of the Klitschko Foundation, signed, stamped. Copies of