Klitschko Foundation, and what's in 2021?

This year we have implemented all the planned projects, launched the first digital educational space in Ukraine and continue to be in the top five most recognizable charitable foundations in Ukraine. That is why we will have to pause "Home Alone" and set the tangerines aside, because it's time to reflect on the past year

We started the year by joining the international initiative Football v Homophobia. Within its framework, we implemented the Football for Everyone project, where our partners were the Fare Network. The essence of the project was that 50 physical education teachers learned how to deal with homophobia, transphobia and discrimination through sports and football, in particular. It is for whom we have created communities where they have the opportunity to share useful experiences and listen to lectures on these topics.


Together with the Aspen Institute Kyiv, we continued to implement the Realms of the Future project and implemented the 7th and 8th streams! This brings together 40 teenagers who are not afraid to express their opinions, want to be heard, are ready for dialogue and develop skills of creative and critical thinking. All this was not in vain, because further local projects of our graduates expanded this circle, and more than 120 teenagers joined local initiatives!


An important event that changed the direction of the fund was the launch of its own digital platform Impactum! Created together with Winner, the platform is the first digital space in Ukraine. On this platform, the first implemented project was "Synergy" - a project for young people, parents, teachers and employees of CO and NGOs, which aims to develop skills of the 21st century. Already now the project has 3444 participants, of which more than 1800 became graduates and joined other projects!


We started the summer no less actively and efficiently! TheDreamship project was the next. Itaims to integrate Ukrainian students abroad into the Ukrainian professional environment. Within the framework of this project, students of foreign universities underwent internships in Ukraine. Thus, through this project we tried to show that Ukraine has great prospects for work and achievement of professional goals! Thanks to the Mystetskyi Arsenal, ProBonoClub and NFZ Pitch teams for helping us do this together! And thanks to the 12 interns who completed the project for their courage!


The equator of the year seemed to be quite busy, especially on the Impactum platform, where the School of Success project took place. 18 speakers motivated young people from all over Ukraine to take responsibility and not be afraid to make changes in their communities. We now have 38 graduates who have attracted more than 1,000 participants to local Success School projects in their cities and villages


As part of the Democracy Hub project, we also organized the Great Debate Camp, a 5-day online debate camp for teenagers from Ukraine and Denmark, designed to develop a culture of debate and intercultural connections between young people.


Another cool project for young people was the Challenge Academy. 30 teenagers from Ukraine and Germany underwent a 6-day intensive program based on the method of Wladimir Klitschko, «F.A.C.E. - the Challenge ». In addition, they were assisted by 3 mentors who created the right atmosphere in the teams and helped the participants to successfully complete the project. But this would not have been possible without the help of the DFB-Stiftung Egidius Braun.


We are very pleased to see the culture of charity developing in Ukraine, which was once again proved by 20 participants of the ProCharity project. These are representatives of charitable organizations from all over Ukraine. The purpose of this project is to help other charitable foundations gain the knowledge needed to raise the profile of their organizations.


Thanks to Max Sport Iron Man, we have created a community for 20 physical education teachers from 6 European countries, where they will be able to share experiences and knowledge within the international project Study Visit.


Traditionally, we started the new season on the Impactum platform, where the project "Success Packages" was launched. Its essence is that physical education teachers, after passing the theoretical material, received sports equipment in their schools, but this would have been impossible without the help of the US Embassy in Ukraine. We were very happy to see in the project those people who, by their example, break the stereotype of disinterested "physicists" who could play in Barcelona, ​​but they teach in schools because they feel that their mission is to develop the younger generation.


We are also very pleased that this year 28 students were able to find their place in society on the eleMentor project with the support of 28 mentors! This project was a pilot for us, and we really want it to be continued in 2022!


Another large-scale project, consisting of three stages, was the Democracy Hub. We organized it together with our Danish partners Crossing Borders and CISU. As part of this project, we conducted trainings for teenagers. The next step was the Great Debate Camp, a 5-day online debate camp for teenagers from Ukraine and Denmark designed to develop a culture of debate and intercultural connections between young people. The Federation of Debates of Ukraine helped us to implement the tournament. The last stage of the project was the creation of an digital  course Democracy Hub, which you can take until the end of next year on the Impactum platform. In total, the project showed that the topic of democracy is relevant for adolescents, as the first 2 stages of the project were successfully completed by 137 people.


The Zero Waste School project, which has been operating for 4 years thanks to the Coca-Cola Foundation, has been launched this year. At the moment, students and teachers of schools are studying not only all the subtleties of eco-friendly lifestyle, but also its implementation in their communities, which are usually not interested in it. And at the beginning of next year, students and teachers will start implementing local projects in their communities.


We truly thank everyone who has been with us all this year, all participants for their courage to join our projects, partners and everyone who has worked with us and sent their contributions. We certainly wouldn't have done any of these projects without you, because you are part of a large community of the foundation that inspires, motivates to constantly improve and implement really relevant projects!


We promise that in 2022 we will go with even more quality projects and ideas. We really want to talk about all the plans, but we will not spoil. Can we just say that our project managers are already rubbing their hands and are really looking forward to the new 2022.


We wish each of you strength and inspiration to make changes in the new year. Do not stop at the achieved goals, set new ones, implement and become a better version of yourself.


Fight for your dreams in 2022!