Join local Realms of the Future projects!

Realms of the Future is a project created by the Klitschko Foundation and the Aspen Institute in Kyiv to help adolescents develop critical thinking and seek their purpose through dialogue on philosophical topics. At the end of March, 20 participants from different regions of Ukraine took part in a five-day seminar, and they will soon implement their own local projects.

Join local Realms of the Future 7.0 projects.

Inspired graduates want to share their experiences and continue talking about such important topics as justice, freedom, human nature, future choices and more. They have already prepared event programs and invited speakers to share their success stories.

Local "Realms of the Future" is an opportunity to better understand your own values, share ideas and meet enterprising peers.

Are you 14-17 years old and are you ready to be a part of this dialogue? Then search for your region in the list and register! All the necessary information on the project pages on Instagram, follow the links.

Vinnytsia region:

Vinnytsia (April 18), Ivan

Volyn region:

Lutsk (April 24), Irina

Dnipropetrovsk region:

Kryvyi Rih (April 25), Julia

Zakarpattia region:

Uzhhorod (April 24), Andrian

Velykyi Bychkiv (April 24), Oleksiy

Kiev region:

Kyiv (April 17-18), Macarius and Taras

Kyiv, Varvara

Irpin (April 24-25), Anton

Kyiv, Borshchahivska OTG (April 23-25), Artem

Mykolaiv region:

Mykolaiv (April 25), Polina

Odessa region:

Odessa (April 24-25), Alexey


Poltava (April 24), Daria

Rivne region:

Rivne (April 25), Karina

Sumy region:

Sumy (April 23-24), Alice

Khmelnytsky region:

Khmelnytsky (April 24), Anna

Project organizers are already waiting for the questionnaires of the participants so that every teenager can take part in local projects! So, come on!