Introducing communication department interns at the Klitschko Foundation

An internship at the Klitschko Foundation provides students with professional experience that formal education lacks. Previously, we had a separate “Internship” project that welcomed 11 batches of students over the years. The project is paused in the format we are used to. Yet, students still have an opportunity to gain their first work experience at the foundation by interning in the communication department within the “KF-Hub” project. Now each intern is responsible for a specific area of the work: managing the foundation’s social media pages, the website administration, or cooperation with the media. Within these areas, they will develop skills in writing, design, translation, communication with project participants, media, stakeholders, and more.

The selection of participants was conducted in February. The candidates went through all the stages of the recruitment process from applying to having a video interview. To pick the best candidates, we comprehensively evaluated their creativity in situation-based tasks, the application, interview answers, and motivation. As a result, five interns joined the communication department of the Klitschko Foundation at the beginning of March. The girls share their first impressions and internship goals.

Sofiia Tarasiuk, communication assistant at the Klitschko Foundation, shares:

“Only a year ago we were selecting the youth from Kyiv to intern at the foundation, but this year the online format allows us to receive internship applications from all over Ukraine, Poland, the United States, and Lithuania! Forming the team of interns was an incredible challenge! We conducted a two-stage selection process with an online application and group video interviews. We strived to make even this process to be a good experience for the applicants. All in all, we picked 5 interns — the girls who demonstrated the strongest motivation, interest in the activities of the foundation, and an ability to devote 3 months to work in the Klitschko Foundation team. 5 interns is a perfect number of people we can organize an efficient online internship for. I believe our team will be successful in sharing our experience and we will implement many cool ideas together!”

Working at the Klitschko Foundation is for self-starters. To get the most out of this internship, the students should pitch their ideas, ask questions, and develop themselves and their skills. We are sure that we found exactly such interns. It’s time to get to know them!

Anastasiia Seneliuk: “I am from Vinnytsia region. I study International Communication at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, so this internship is a great opportunity to get practical experience in my specialty. I want to know more about working in this sphere, learn something new and make new acquaintances. Now is the best time to be active and learn skills for a successful future. That’s why my biggest goal is to get useful experience.”

Anastasiia Shaporenko: “I am from Lugansk region, but now I live in Kyiv. I’m finishing my fourth year at the Institute of Journalism of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. I have been in journalism since the ninth grade and became a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine at the age of 18. Apart from writing, I like photography, drawing, sports, and traveling. While interning at the Klitschko Foundation, I plan on producing interesting publications in different genres: from interviews to reporting pieces. The most important thing is to bring the foundation closer to its goals with the help of a written word.”

Vira Kondratyuk: “I grew up in Kovel, Volyn region. Now I live in Lithuania, where I have already been studying communication at LCC International University for four years. I love writing and photography and also take interest in feminism and sustainability. My goal for the internship is to understand my strengths and weaknesses in the communication field while working to make the dreams of others come true. Thus, I want to finish the internship with a clear plan for my professional development and new dreams to follow.”

Solomiia Yaremenko: “I am from Obukhiv, Kyiv region. I study law at the National University Of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. I like to wake up at 6 in the morning, drink tea with mint candy, and travel. I’m also interested in history, politics, and legal processes. My goal for the internship is to feel and overcome the challenges of the communication field and see how the Klitschko Foundation works from within.”

Yuliia Kotvytska: “Hi! I’m Yulia from Chernivtsi, but I moved to Kyiv a long time ago. I study international relations at the National University Of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. I’m interested in everything around me, yet, music, literature, theatre, and cinema take a special place in my heart. They are all creative spheres, where people share opinions, emotions, and talents. My goal for the internship is to fulfill my potential. It’s nice to know that I can grow and work for a noble cause simultaneously. I don’t like to have clear expectations, but I’m convinced that I will know whether I’ve reached my goal in twelve weeks.”

The interns also tell what motivated them to apply to the Klitschko Foundation. The girls share the values of the Klitschko Foundation: some because of the experience with the foundation’s project, others because of the desire to make dreams come true. Here is what they say:

Solomiia Yaremenko: “The internship at the Klitschko Foundation is sort of a comeback. I first got to know about the foundation in 2019. Back then I was fighting for my teenage dreams, learning to work in a team and believe that I have a voice. All thanks to the “School of Success” project. The Klitschko Foundation became the first step to the person I am today. If not the “we believe in you” in 2019, I might not have joined the other initiatives.”

Anastasiia Shaporenko: “The Klitschko Foundation is a chance to grow while working with a team of magicians who make dreams come true. Creating miracles here and now is the best thing one can do for the world.”

The interns have already met the communication team and received their first tasks. 

Yuliia Kotvytska: “The meeting with the team made me more confident about the upcoming three months. I realized that I will work with intelligent, friendly, ambitious, and creative people. I am sure that we will be on the same wavelength and work together to develop the Klitschko Foundation.”

Mariia Palyvoda, a communication assistant, shared her impressions: “The first meeting with the interns was very cozy. We got to know each other, found many common interests, and talked about the foundation’s 17-years-long history. The girls also learned more about the internship structure and their first assignments. This first meeting convinced me once more that we made the right choice, as we have shared values and all strive to develop our skills, get experience, and fight for our dreams. I believe that both the Klitschko Foundation team and the interns have 3 months of exciting cooperation ahead.”

We are confident that three months with the Klitschko Foundation will be a successful career launch for each intern. Follow the Klitschko Foundation on Facebook and Instagram to learn about our next success stories together with the interns!