Internship 4.0 finished!

The 4th round of internship was the largest so far, with 390 students showing interest and 22 of them participated in the 3-month internship program and got the certificates from the Klitschko Foundation. Interns worked with the foundation's team on such projects as «Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016», «Falling Walls Venture Kyiv 2016», «Call your friends - let's play together» and even developed new projects for the foundation.

A foundation is a place where you have to go beyond your capabilities and knowledge where innovative thinking and the ability to not get lost in difficult situations always win. The foundation is the lever that led me to self-improvement and self-knowledge. This internship showed me how much I still do not know and cannot do, but the Foundation gave the opportunity to learn various practical things that certainly will come in handy in the future. Communication with managers, different tasks receiving from them and working at the office make you more confident and motivate you for new achievements. Internship in the Foundation gives practical experience, which is so in need for our young people and, most importantly, shows how modern charities should work. - Lyuba Sharapova


The internship opened for me the opportunities unknown before. Every day you overcome yourself and do beyond the limits. Having become a part of the professional team, you grow up, learn and develop yourself.  Such activity provides real work experience in a successful company where the Ukrainian charity projects are implemented. Strong teamwork, interesting challenges and incredible opportunities for self-realization - this is what I got during the internship in the Foundation. Here, you have the right to be wrong and here you get help to implement your ideas. Original cases every working day taught prioritize properly and manage your time. Every attempt - this is your fight for your dream. Fight for your dream! – Alina Kyrienko


I did not expect that the internship will give me so many opportunities for development. Vlad before the internship and Vlad after the internship is two different persons from a professional point of view. I have become more efficient, improved organization and planning skills, gained communication skills working partners and sponsors, saw how the non-profit organization work from the inside. - Vladislav Markuts


Internship is a dream that one day came true. This is a great chance to feel part of a great team of professionals who actually change the world for the better and help them in the fight for the realization of children's dreams. It is also a valuable professional and life experience that is sure to be useful to everyone. For me personally, it was the first experience of volunteering, internships, and I absolutely loved that. I thank the Foundation team for their friendliness, loyalty and responsiveness. For me, this internship was a great step in my life, taught nothing to fear, helped to understand what I really want to achieve in this life and provided motivation and inspiration for future achievements. - Valery Mashkova