Interesting summer with books. Tips from our interns

We are sure that there are dozens of such portals on your shelves, namely books. If you think summer is not the best time to read and extracurricular literature is delusional, then we are ready to change it!

Our interns decided to share with you their thoughts on books and have prepared for you several works that will make you fall in love with the literary world.

Everyone had a different love for books. Here is how it was with Nina: “I was instilled with a love of reading since childhood. I had a large home library: my parents and older sister read a lot, so I had no choice. Then at school, reading became something like a sport, because my classmates and I competed over who read more pages in the summer, in a month, and so on ...”

The girl shared that she consciously fell in love with books, reading the series “Harry Potter” and “33 misfortunes”. But the intern was most influenced by Daniel Keese's Flowers for Algernon and Ken Keese's Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and she advises every teenager to read them!

“These books describe stories that the teenage mind never thought of. Everyone interprets these stories differently and therefore everyone learns different lessons. For me, these books have given me a lot of food for thought about how complex a tool our brain is, about the cruelty of systems, about social structures, and the difference between intelligence and happiness. I think that these two books help a teenager to form some personal principles in life, as they helped me”.

But Mykhailo did not show his love for books at once: “As a teenager, I confess - I did not read much, probably like most teenagers. But there is a book that influenced me then very much - “Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes”. I believe that thanks to her I still count all my words and actions with a view to the future, for example, how one word or phrase will affect my relationship with a person”.

And the guy involuntarily shared an interesting life hack: on the way, you will read books on the way much better . So take this secret for granted. Along the way, you can start reading the literature that Mykhailo has prepared for you: “I would recommend every teenager to read as much fiction and adventure literature as possible and such authors like Jules Verne, Agatha Christie, Robert Louis Stevenson, and others. It will captivate everyone and encourage further reading of books”.

For our next intern, Ulyana, reading is a separate hobby. “I like to choose a book, sit and read, and still take notes”,- the girl shares.

She agrees that reading is important because it opens up new worlds, stories, and events. Moreover, each book teaches something useful. And we have not forgotten about the tips for you! A special place in Ulyana's heart is occupied by two books, which she advises to read: “Class of Mrs. Chaika” and “Lottery”, written by Malgozhata Pekarska. The girl adds: “These teen books are about teenagers. They are about life as it is, problems, conflicts, joy, and love. These books can be a good friend for teens, who can support in adolescence”.

For Daniel, reading is an integral part of his daily academic and professional life. The young man believes that it is still the only access to obtain large amounts of information. And the intern has prepared an interesting recommendation for you – “The Platform Society” Jose Van Dijck. Daniel says: “This is an informative book for a generation that uses platforms and online services most of its time”.

Each of us is so different! But we do not doubt that there will be at least one book for everyone that will easily make us fall in love with reading. After reading this article,you definitely won't have the question “What to read?”. Choose any book from the recommendations of our interns, immerse yourself in the literary world, and receive information. Because, as we all know, who owns the information, owns the world!