Implementing ‘Realms of the Future 6.0’!

Let's make the end of October bright and memorable — let's start ‘Realms of the Future 6.0’!

For the second time, the project will be implemented online. And we see this as a great opportunity to attract Ukrainian teenagers not only from Ukraine, but also from other countries - England and Germany!

10 girls and 10 boys were selected to participate in the project.

The project will last for three days, during which participants will develop critical thinking skills, form goals for the future and determine their life path.

During the project, participants will discuss topics that concern them vocations, love, dignity, happiness, values, etc., and together with the moderators will have a dialogue, watch videos, analyze materials and more.

After participating in the Realms of the Future 6.0 project, participants will accept the challenge and implement their own local projects for their peers!

‘For the second time, the Realms of the Future project will take place online. We are glad that the participants were 20 motivated and ready to develop their teenage skills. I am convinced that these three days of the project, participants will be able to immerse themselves in eternal philosophical topics, discuss the views of famous thinkers and express their ideas on worldview issues and challenges,’ says the project manager Igor Efymenko.