Humanitarian aid: how does it work?

With the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, we realize that we cannot carry out our projects in the usual format while the Ukrainians face the greatest challenge - to save their lives in the war with Russia. That is why the team of the foundation opened a new direction of work - the provision of humanitarian aid. We successfully started this process, but at the same time, we were confronted with wrong thoughts of ​​people about humanitarian aid. In this article, we debunk common myths.

The team of the foundation has moved away from its main areas of work - sports and educational projects. Now Klitschko Foundation is engaged exclusively in humanitarian aid.

The Klitschko Foundation has existed for 18 years. In order not to happen in society, the foundation has always had priority areas of work that have never changed - education and sports. With the beginning of the war, we realized that it was impossible to continue to do so in the usual format. The priorities and needs of Ukrainians have already changed too much. It is unlikely that sitting in a bomb shelter a teenager thinks about what online course he should take at this time. Therefore, we decided that humanitarian aid should take its place in the foundation's activities. Because first we have to provide Ukrainians with vital things, and only then take care of other components. But we have not forgotten about education and sports. We know for sure that one day the war will end, and Ukrainians will face another important challenge - the economic recovery of the country. It is the youth that will be the mouthpiece of change and the engine of the country's progress. Therefore, the team of our foundation continues its work in the following areas: humanitarian aid, mental health support, and educational and sports projects. At the same time, we focus on our unbridled will to be free, we remain flexible in carrying out our plans, we demonstrate perfect coordination and absolute endurance.

The entire Klitschko Foundation and BGV Charity Fund teams are waiting for 24/7 for a request for humanitarian aid. And when we get it, the team by force of thought transfers it to Ukraine and with space speed sends everything necessary to each corner of Ukraine. After that, the team is still waiting again for a new letter in the mail.

We have a database of organizations and foundations with which we have previously cooperated in other projects. These are the requests we are trying to satisfy in the first place. Together with the BGV Charity Fund partner, we are looking for suppliers and managing the process for our part, so that the help arrives in Ukraine as quickly as possible and reaches those who really need it.

We understand that there are more requests for humanitarian aid than we can provide at this time, but that does not mean that we are ignoring them. Our team is constantly working to find additional funding for humanitarian aid. We are activating our international community. We look for partners. We keep our hands on the pulse of immediate needs - the most necessary goods, medicines and medical equipment. And most importantly - we act!

Our e-mail is always open to any inquiries. And even if we cannot guarantee that we will satisfy your request immediately. But we will keep your needs in mind, and if we expand our assistance, we will be able to provide you with everything you need.

It is very easy to deliver a "humanitarian". Once, twice and everything is done. Even half a person can do this =)

It must go through a difficult path to deliver humanitarian aid. A whole team of specialists must work to ensure that the goods reach the final consumers quickly and in a timely manner.

Let's take a specific example - the delivery of medication to a hospital in the Kharkiv region. Here is what this process looks like step by step:

  1. We receive a list of necessary medicines from a medical institution.
  2. Together with the BGV Charity Fund, we are looking for a supplier of the necessary medication abroad.
  3. We buy goods in the required quantity.
  4. We form cargo abroad.
  5. We find a carrier and send medicines across the border to a warehouse in Ukraine. It sounds super simple, but we all know about fuel problems now, so this process has its pitfalls.
  6. In parallel, we clarify all issues with the documentation so that all processes are transparent and accountable. This includes the purchase of medicines, border crossing, permits for the import of certain medication, and so on. This is a very important component because without it it is impossible to organize all the stages.
  7. We send the cargo to a warehouse in Ukraine, and later to a medical institution. We receive the necessary documentation and report from him.
  8. The medical institution distributes humanitarian aid among patients.

It is important to understand that in parallel we are working on the delivery of not one specific cargo, but several, fundraising funds, looking for partners and many other processes that occur during the work.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the teams of people working on humanitarian aid are ordinary people. Each of them experiences this difficult time in their own way and tries to act. So remember this and support the Klitschko Foundation!

You can always help through donate on our website. Even the smallest amount is important!

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