How to learn to be environmentally conscious online

We are pleased to announce the launch of Zero Waste School, a project for students, teachers and principals to introduce a culture of waste sorting in schools and communities.

This year, 75 schools from all over Ukraine will take part in the project.

36 mentors will support and share their experience with the teams, as well as three coaches - graduates of the project of previous years, who will help the participants of "Zero Waste School" to plan their own projects and share their own experiences.

The online project will last for 2 months: April and May.

It is important for us that participants have the opportunity to use the theory in practice, learn to work independently and in teams, so the project includes lectures, group classes and homework. In total, the participating teams will have 31 hours of educational modules within the project.

During this period, they will be able to gain knowledge about project management, communications, learn about grant opportunities and social responsibility, learn to sort, communicate with representatives of the Klitschko Foundation and Coca-Cola Ukraine, as well as environmentalists, fundraising specialists, eco-bloggers , public activists. In addition, 2 eco-challenges are waiting for participants!

All this will help prepare participants to implement their own projects in their communities.

We believe that by sharing experience and knowledge with project participants, together we can make communities more environmentally conscious!