How to help Ukraine

Our partners, we would like to never ask you for help, but Ukraine is not in the best of times now and we need your support more than ever.

Urge your politicians to the action!

Write letters to your gov officials and PMs!

Read information from verified sources


The Kyiv Independent, NV, Euromaidan Press, Hromadske, Ukrayinska Pravda

Official Facebook pages

President of Ukraine




Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine





Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces 

Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

State Emergency Service (SES)

Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

State Service for Special Communications and Information Security

State Borde Guard Service of Ukraine

National Police of Ukraine

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian Officials to Follow

Foreign Minister Kuleba  

Rime Minister (@oleksiireznikov

The mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko (@Vitaliy_Klychko



Financial Aid

1. Ukrainian Army.

The list of ways is here: Ukrainian organizations, International Transfers, Cryptocurrency. 

2. Medical Supplies and Humanitarian Aid

Nova Ukraine, a Ukraine-based nonprofit, provides citizens with everything from baby food and hygiene products, to clothes and household supplies. Donate here.

People in Need is providing humanitarian aid to over 200,000 people on the ground. For those most in need, they provide food packages, emergency shelter, safe access to drinking water, hygiene items, and coal for heating. Donate here

The Ukrainian Red Cross does loads of humanitarian work, from aiding refugees to training doctors. Donate here.

International Medical Corps is on the front lines and prepared to help citizens with emergency health care services, as well as mental health and psychosocial support. The agency is also keeping the pandemic top of mind throughout the crisis by prioritizing COVID-19 awareness and prevention services, to help keep displaced citizens safe from the pandemic. Donate here

CARE International is responding to the crisis by providing Ukrainians in need with food, hygiene kits, psychosocial support services, access to water, and access to cash. Donate here

3. Helping Children Affected by War

UNICEF Ukraine is repairing schools damaged by the bombings and providing emergency responses to children affected by the conflict. Donate here.

4. Supporting Journalism

The Kyiv Independent describes itself as “created by journalists who were fired from the Kyiv Post for defending editorial independence.” You can help keep the curtains up for the independent Ukrainian English-language media outlet by donating to its Patreon or GoFundMe fundraiser. 

Ukraine World is an independent English-language multimedia project that emerged from a volunteer initiative helping international journalists during the 2014 “Revolution of Dignity.” Support it by donating to its Patreon

5. Supporting Refugees

Of course, for many Ukrainians, the threat of full-scale war is driving them to seek safety in neighboring countries.

Accordingly, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) has stepped up its operations and is working with governments in neighboring countries "calling on them to keep borders open to those seeking safety and protection.” Germany has already offered Poland help with refugees.

You can help support refugees by donating here

5. Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community in Ukraine

In times like these, LGBTQ+ members are often even more marginalized and exposed to vulnerability than usual. 

You can donate here

If you are unable to donate or would like to do more to support LGBTQ+ citizens, you can also sign up to OutRight's newsletter here to stay up to date on the crisis and how it is affecting LGBTQ+ Ukrainians. 

Keep attending demonstrations in your country in support of Ukraine

We see your support! It’s very important for us to see that the whole world is with Ukraine.

Share the information

Information is also a weapon, so use it correctly! Check everything and share among others.

Help the Embassies of Ukraine in your country

Facebook pages

Embassy of Ukraine in the USA

Embassy of Ukraine to the UK

Embassy of Ukraine in Canada

Embassy of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Denmark

Embassy of Ukraine in Norway

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Finland and Iceland

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Latvia

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Embassy of Ukraine in Turkmenistan

Embassy of Ukraine in Romania

Embassy of Ukraine in Ireland

Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium

Embassy of Ukraine in Prague 

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Estonia

Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Israel 

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of North Macedonia

Embassy of Ukraine to the Republic of Albania

Embassy of Ukraine to the Republic of Croatia 

Embassy of Ukraine in Qatar 

Embassy of Ukraine in China

Embassy of Ukraine in Japan

Embassy of Ukraine in Jordan

This is not the whole list. You can find more on social networks.


Let's stop the war together!