How teenagers volunteer at the Klitschko Foundation

For the first time in the Klitschko Foundation teenagers joined the volunteering! How is the work, tasks and what are your first impressions — read on.

One of the values ​​of the fund is self-development. It is important for us that teenagers get all the necessary skills for future accomplishments, and volunteering is a good opportunity to try your hand at real tasks and still join good deeds!

At the beginning of November, 5 participants of the Skills Elevator project became volunteers in the foundation. During the month, teenagers volunteer in the communications department, as well as learn new programs Figma, Illustrator, email platforms, take media literacy courses, write their own articles in the media and perform a variety of tasks: from translating texts into English to creating content in social networks.

Each of them shared their impressions:

Anton says:

‘Volunteering in the field of communications is exactly the valuable opportunity I have been striving for all along. During my volunteer work, I wrote posts, translated articles into English, and wrote interview questions. The most difficult and at the same time the most interesting task was to create a picture for the site.During volunteering I have the opportunity to develop time management, the ability to write and search for information very quickly, to work in a team. Agree, it is very convenient when there is support for each other, when there is a connection, with whom to talk and solve a problem. Now I understand that communication is not easy. This is, in fact, extremely laborious work with unexpected tasks ahead! I am extremely interested in developing in this direction, learning, fighting in a team with every challenge! And this experience of volunteering at the Klitschko Foundation gives me faith that in the future I will get the job of my dreams!’

And here is what Vladislava says:

‘The communication world has met me with new opportunities and a huge community that supports you. Skills Elevator is my 4th successful project from the foundation. Having gone through many projects, mentorships, meetings and even filming the Ecoacademy course while participating in Klitschko Foundation projects, I was delighted to be able to immerse myself in real work and see the whole process ‘from the inside’. During the three weeks of volunteering, I had a variety of tasks. Writing abstracts about charity in different years has seemed the most difficult so far, because finding information and working with large texts is something I spend a lot more time on. During my volunteering, I discovered many useful channels, programs and online publications, worked with Google applications for the first time and searched for media to publish my own article. I already feel changes in myself, because during this time I have become more responsible, organized and independent. I have a principle: ‘Who, if not me?’ It really helps keep you motivated. Finally, I felt the inspiring atmosphere in which I want to work. This is the perfect environment that I strive for in my work. Volunteering is a kind of first internship at the age of 16. This activity is fully in line with my life values: to get the maximum experience and share it with others. I am glad that I have a chance to help the foundation with its tasks and become a small part of a great team. The Klitschko Foundation was my start in almost every endeavor, for which I am infinitely grateful.’

Anastasia also shared her impressions:

‘After completing the project, I felt an incredible inspiration and motivation to move in this direction, but I did not expect to be chosen as a volunteer, and even managed to work on mistakes in relation to the tasks we performed on the project. And when I finished reading the letter and saw that I was in the top five my joy was heard all over the street! I didn't think we would be entrusted with ‘real’ important work, but what we do is very diverse. My most responsible task is to work on the Skills Elevator Telegram channel. And the most difficult ones are related to writing texts. During the first two weeks of work I had to develop time management skills, creativity and start looking at things from a non-standard angle. Working here, you feel mega-responsible, because you become part of a great mechanism and its effectiveness depends on you. Volunteering in the foundation is a great team, help, knowledge and very valuable experience. You develop your personality, skills and at the same time can be useful to someone. It's very cool that you strengthen your weaknesses and after the end of volunteering you will be able to do almost everything.’

Denis tells about his experience as follows:

‘At first, I was constantly waiting for the start of work, because I did not know what system we would work on and what tasks I would have to perform. Later we were offered a list of tasks that we could choose ourselves. This is convenient because you understand what skills you can develop while performing. I consider my first task to be the most difficult. The text in the format of the interview had to be edited. I've never done this kind of work before, so it took a long time. In addition, during the three weeks of volunteering, I managed to develop the skill of time management, because the tasks had to be combined with everyday tasks. My advice to everyone who is faced with deadlines is not to postpone work for the future, but to do it as soon as there is time for it. And if the end date is not soon consciously plan according to your schedule. I was most impressed by the format of volunteering in the communications department. Volunteers not only perform their duties, but can participate in workshops and events of the foundation, as well as receive valuable feedback on the work done. I am sure that this experience will be a leader in the field of communications for me and will leave many impressions that will be needed in the future.’

Here is what Myroslava says:

‘During the training part, I tried to do my best, be active and absorb new information, so I hoped to become a volunteer. When I found out the result, I just jumped for joy, because I really wanted to practice after the training part! My motivation has become even greater, so now I set new goals. The most interesting task for me was to create questions for the interview. When I was preparing them, I imagined my future interlocutor and tried to ask about something really interesting. I really want to try to interview live. Some things seemed quite complicated to me. For example, it was difficult to organize my work, because now I have a lot of activities that take a lot of time. I developed several important skills: creativity, active listening, analysis and preparation of information, self-organization. I also learned about the Figma program and understood the basics of working in it, supplemented my knowledge of media literacy.’

We at the foundation believe that this experience will open new boundaries for teenagers in their career achievements, because they are boldly following the path of fighting for their bright dreams!