How participation in the ‎Realms of the Future helped to switch from ‘dreamer’ mode to ‘fighter’

Lisa from Rivne shared her story of participation in the Realms of the Future.

‘Philosophy is a life jacket for those who are interested in everything at once and want to find harmony with themselves, says Lisa.

The story of the girl's participation in the Realms of the Future dates back to mid-summer when her friend told about the Klitschko Foundation and the variety of opportunities provided by the foundation. On the same day, the girl decided to explore the activities of the foundation  looked across the site of the foundation and social networks, read the feedback of participants and from all projects chose the one that captivated her the most  Realms of the Future! From that moment on, I waited for the set to be opened.

On the day the girl received a letter of participation in the mail, Lisa simply did not know what to do with her emotions  joy overflowed. The letter of confirmation of participation meant that now she has every chance to switch from ‘dreamer to ‘fighter mode!

‘When you know how to think, you get access to critical thinking, creativity, ingenuity, analysis, and many other skills, without which existence between people is impossible. I had a chance to develop all these skills in an online seminar. After reading all the philosophical texts and talking to my peers about their true meaning, I began to see different aspects of ordinary, everyday affairs. This helps to analyze the problem from the inside and draw the most realistic conclusions. During the group tasks, I was able to develop creativity and ingenuity, because non-standard problems require non-standard solutions! And I am incredibly grateful that I was able to overcome my fear of public speaking. Imagine  all this happened to me in 3 days of the seminar! Lisa shares her impressions of the project.

The girl was able to pass on her knowledge and skills to her peers at the local philosophical seminar the Realms of the Future. Rivne, which took place online. As this was the first experience of the organizer for the girl, there were many challenges. At first, there was even a little panic  how to interest the participants, how to make an announcement, how to make an event plan, who to invite as a speaker, how to agree on publications in the media. But the girl managed to overcome all these challenges. As a result - project was realized!

‘My local project is probably the best thing that has happened to me in the whole of 2020. From the very beginning, the idea of ​​implementing local Realms of the Future seemed to be a good opportunity to show my peers that, first of all, there are many different opportunities for self-development. Secondly, I had a chance to share with the participants the knowledge I gained on the main project. The organizers of the project gave me a huge amount of information and resources that helped to systematize all organizational stages and carry out the project successfully. Moreover, I was able to ask for help from the foundation's staff at any time, for which I am incredibly grateful. I also did not do without the support of relatives and friends, and help from the participants of Realms of the Future 6.0. impressed me very much. During our participation in the project, we really became a family, so we always helped with any difficulties and still help each other’, says Lisa about her first experience in organizing the project.

The girl advises everyone to take part in the Realms of the Future! Lisa is convinced that this is a great opportunity to discover yourself on the other side in a short time, get out of the comfort zone and try something new.

‘In addition to a huge amount of information and impressions from dialogues, engines, and group work, each participant has a chance to become part of the community, which remains in the heart forever. This community is full of like-minded people and people who inspire each other every minute’, it is the main reason why Lisa recommends to apply for the project.

By the way, you don't have to wait for the project application form to open, as Lisa did. Because you can submit a questionnaire now.

Read more about the project and how to submit a questionnaire in the ‘Projects section.