How Internship changed my life

A manager of the Internship project Nataliia Druhak tells how she get acquainted with the Klitschko Foundation and what the year with the team taught her.

Hello! My name is Nataliia, I am a curator of the Klitschko Foundation’s internship programme. One year ago I was scrolling Facebook news feed and came across the news on the recruitment of interns. I must confess, then I did not know what this foundation is working on and that it actually exists. Then I was driven by a desire to change something in my life, to expand the social circle and to understand what I want to do further. And there was a fear hidden deeply of the gap between graduation and finding a first job.


Yet I tried and have never regretted for that step. It seems I can now repeat the words of which I began speaking about myself during the interview, and that dress with green peas still represents a turning point in my life. Already during internship I realized: this surounding and these people change me and I, together with them, change the country and the world. I remember my first serious task - an article that I finished only at 4 am. I remember the day when I received the word doc back thoroughly red because of mistakes. Time running, I realized that, the cost of mistakes is lower when you are just learning. Internship is the place where you can make 50 mistakes and not to be hauled up. It was the first work that I really was proud of. Now, thousands of symbols are running in front of my eyes every day. I discuss future media projects with editors of leading Ukrainian media, develop PR-strategy of the foundation and manage the whole project.


What has changed this year in my mind? Seasoned copywriter would write a separate article on "5 skills of successful people" or "What I learned from the memoir by Bill Gates". But I just name the things that I really realized last year.


  1. Pity will help you get what you want right now, but it does not work in a long distance. Instead, your power call forth respect and motivate others.
  2. People are united by values. This is the basis on which even different outlooks find common ground.
  3. Procrastination brings about fear and doubt. When you're busy – there is no time for them. 
  4. Before the internship I was convinced that charity is not for me until I learned philanthropy. And yes, there is a significant difference between them. We will discuss it during internship :)
  5. A little professional experience. PR - is not only releases and press conferences, which are written about in specialized textbooks. The best ideas occur when you are so deeply plunged into the project that you want to tell others about it. Then creative and original thought are born.


It is not a deplited list because such lifehacks are born every day. Let them be not unique, but valuable because they come with practical experience and their own mistakes.


That was my #togetherwithKF story. If you want to start yours with our team - fill in the form. If you still have doubts - write me on e-mail [email protected] with the letter subject #kfintern. I promise you frank answer J


If you are not a student, you can give your knowledge, support the project by donation or just share it with those for whom the internship will open the new facets of personality.



3-month program aimed for the carrier advice for students of 2-4 year of study.

  • 8 rounds of internship
  • 2606 candidates for intern position
  • 146 students became interns
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