Happy New Year!

Завершується 2019 рік, а це означає, що пора підвести підсумки!

2019 is coming to an end, which means it's time to take stock!

This year we have become even closer to the realization of our mission - to develop leaders in all cities and villages of Ukraine! We share our successes with you:

- Klitschko Foundation entered the rating of the Ukrainian Forum of Philanthropists in the category "Expenditures in the field of sports and physical culture".

- The Foundation became a finalist in three Partnership for Sustainability Award nominations in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

- Now we are in the top 5 most recognizable foundations of Ukraine in the study of charity in Ukraine from Zagoriy Foundation.

- They won the competition of public reports on the activities of civil society organizations from the creative center of the CCC.

- Through the EVS program, George Fletcher, a volunteer from Great Britain, spent this year with us in the team.

We have implemented a new international project "Challenge Academy". 21 teenagers from Ukraine and as many from Germany had the opportunity to study the method of Wladimir Klitschko "F.A.C.E. the Challenge ”in Malante, Germany. In the fall, participants conducted local projects and shared knowledge with peers.

The sports project "Success Packeges" has changed its format. We conducted trainings for physical education teachers on teaching methods, psychology of adolescents, motivation, and they organized competitions for students and received sports equipment for schools.

Zero Waste School has attracted students, teachers and principals this year. We told school representatives how to be environmentally conscious, and they spread it in their regions. And together they managed to install garbage cans and collected 303.1 tons of secondary raw materials throughout Ukraine.

2019 for the Realms of the Future project was the second year of our cooperation with The Aspen Institute Kyiv. We have gathered teenagers again to participate in a philosophy seminar, because it turns out that philosophy is what interests them! The participants also brought together those who are interested in this science in their regions and organized their own projects for them.

"School of Success" entered the book of records of the fund. 100 graduates implemented 100 local projects. We are proud of the graduates, because we see that our efforts were passed on to teenagers from towns and villages all over Ukraine.

The "Internship" project celebrated its anniversary! This fall, the foundation's team conducted 10 internships. We are glad that this year 34 interns were with us, became project mentors and inspired!

Together with the team of the foundation, George Fletcher launched another pilot project "Voice in Action". 18 participants together with the volunteer practiced language skills in English, learned to write cover letters and create resumes.

Together with the team of interns, the director of the foundation Alina Nosenko launched a pilot project on transparency and accountability of public and charitable organizations "ProCharity" for representatives of public organizations with OTG. Local communities also need knowledge, motivation and change, and we hope that in 2020 they will only improve their activities, and we will support them.

These achievements are our common victories! We appreciate your support and thank everyone who has been with us. We wish the new year to be generous with interesting plans and creative successes, to bring with it a taste of new victories and energy to achieve new ones! We believe that in the new year we will be able to accept all the challenges and take a new step in the fight for our dreams. So, fight for your dream!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!