Guide on Ukrainian charity

Today, many Ukrainians are engaged in charity work. We go to the charity concerts and picnics, make money transfers, we give alms, repost records in social networks. But Ukraine still remains at the end of the world rating of charity. On the Day of Charity Pink magazine made a special edition in order to every Ukrainian could support the organization whose activity impresses him or her mostly.


Annually, the Charities Aid Foundation publishes a worldwide charity index, which indicates how actively the population of a country are engaged in helping other people. Two years in a row Myanmar is leading in the ranking. Last year, Ukraine for the first time in 10 years of research won 89th ranking position. Our neighbours - Belarus and Russia, took 103th and 129th places respectively. 

In 2016, we once again lost position, and this year we are in 106th place (the worst figure in Ukraine over the past four years). Belarus took the 100th place, while Russia - 126th. It 's hard to call the cause of the displacement of Ukraine in the ranking - we did not become less compassionate, the economic crisis is still here, and trust to charities is still fragile.

In Ukraine, 15 thousand charities are registered. There is no point i  looking for the correlation between their number and the number of good deeds because it is not difficult to found something falling under the legal definition of "charitable foundation".

All you need:

  • passport, TIN of founders and body of fund administration
  • name in Ukrainian, Russian, English
  • legal address
  • wishes to charter
  • 2000 hryvnyas and 1-3 days

It turns out so that there is an impressive number of the funds, while the place in the charity ranking - 106th, and the number of those in need does not become smaller.

Fair charity as much as possible open to the public. Going on its website, you will surely find the documentation and reporting section. Past accreditation funds are based fundraising platform “Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace” (UBB).




In 2011, Olga Kudinenko came up with a volunteer project "Tabletochki", and two years later, together with like-minded people founded the eponymous charitable foundation. Today "Tabletochki" is the most famous Ukrainian independent charitable foundation, which protects the interests of children with cancer. From the punctual projects of targeted assistance, the fund went on to system changes in the Ukrainian legislation.  The "Tabletochki" team is raising funds for the treatment of children, helping to send them for treatment abroad, and conducts volunteer training in onko-hematology department of Okhmatdet hospital and the Kyiv Regional Children Oncology Center. Among the activities are the art therapy for children, workshops and training sessions. Why helping sick children is not easy, Irina Litovchenko, a public relations and governmental relations director of "Tabletochki" said:

"We are working with emotionally sensitive categories of people. Our wards, their parents and even doctors are under constant stress, and each of them draws up their defence reactions: children can get depressed and cranky, parents' emotions range from a state of rage to complete apathy, and doctors become indifferent and detached from their patients. We must maintain a constant balance and remember that we are working for the good of the children, which means that no adult should affect our decisions and our work.”

Our team has an internal mantra, which we remember every day: we are not omnipotent. We can not guarantee the recovery of the child's parents. We can not promise that everything will be well. Our task is to do everything possible so that the child had a chance to recover."

The Foundation has created an online platform where you can become part of a great good deed, help running a campaign.

It is easy to help: fill out the form on the site.


Klitschko Foundation

In 2003, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko founded the charity foundation, whose primary mission was to develop a new generation of Ukrainians, leading a healthy lifestyle and who are able to look critically at the world. To this end, the Foundation is implementing a number of projects in the field of sport, education and science, getting grants from international organisations and supporting partnerships with the business. For 14 years of the foundation's activity, 550 thousand children took part in the projects. "Fight for your dream!" – a slogan of the Klitschko Foundation calls on. The foundation’s team believes that those can dream, turn their dreams into goals and are willing to fight for them, will surely to succeed.

The Klitschko Foundation said that on the map of philanthropists of Ukraine the organisation distinguished by the fact that it is working with the future. They develop strategic philanthropy, which solves social problems not here and now, but with the systematic approach, working with the causes of the problems and preventing new ones. 

Alina Nosenko, director of the Klitschko Foundation, shared what an efficient charity should be that the society, for whose benefit it is working, trusted the organisation:

"We believe that the transparency and openness of the non-profit foundations and organisations build trust to charity in society. The Klitschko Foundation is studying international experience and applies successful practices in project implementation and management of administrative affairs. Everyone can become familiar with financial information about our activities and statutes on our website. High standards are crucial for the benefactors. "

It is easy to help: support the projects


Down Syndrome

In 2003, parents of children with Down syndrome founded the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Down Syndrome". The organisation is involved in the improvement of the legal framework in relation to children with Down syndrome and conducts educational work among teachers, trying to dispel the myth of the weak capacity of learning of children with an extra chromosome.

It is easy to help: write to the post office [email protected]



A charitable organisation to help children with cancer "Crab" is an initiative of the parents whose children were treated at the Department of Pediatric Oncology of the National Cancer Institute. The foundation improves the living conditions in the department, helps families, publishes books for parents, purchases medicines and equipment.

It is easy to help: write to the post office [email protected]



A charitable foundation "Svichado" helps Okhmatdyt, children's hospitals and neonatal centres of Ukraine, as well as individual children.

"Back in the mid-2000s, my friend and I started to help Okhmatdyt hospital", - says the founder of the "Svichado" Yaroslav Yaroslavl. - "In this hospital, my mom worked, and I watched as doctors save lives, despite the lack of medicines and equipment, and non-ideality of the health system. But at some point, we realised that we wanted to help more, and have created a "Svichado" in 2011. Oddly enough, but often sticks in the wheels of our projects were put by doctors, parents and officials. Some doctors, fearing retribution from above (the authorities, and of whom did you think?), do not say that they do not have consumables anymore and do not apply to charitable organisations for help. And the price of such a silence is a child's life. Often state aid in the form of equipment and consumables due to corruption does not come to the children. Or come, but not in time or not one that is required under the protocols. "

It is easy to help: find out on the website.


Every Child Partnership 

Partnership for Every Child protects the rights of children in Ukraine. Their projects help families, communities and countries to ensure the right of every child to live and grow up in a complete family. 

It is easy to help: write on [email protected]


School Angels

Civil Initiative «School Angels» provides interaction of schools and successful people. Project participants are convinced, anyone who has achieved success in their profession and life, should share their experience with the students, their parents and school teachers. This experience will help get rid of the fear of mistakes and inspires us to work on a new fulfilment.

It is easy to help: if you have the experience that you are willing to share, fill in the form.



Let's help

International charitable foundation Let’s Help provide moral and material help to lonely pensioners. The team visits the wards, gives food and hygiene items, helps to buy

medication. Also, the fund provides support to orphans, sick people and homeless animals.

It is easy to help: fill out the form.


Happy Old

Charitable project "Happy Old" helps people of an advanced age to enjoy life and be interested in it.

It is easy to help: contact the project on Facebook.




Everybody can help 

Introduced in 2014, the platform "Volunteer hundred" has now become the International Charity Fund Everybody Can Help. The Foundation is working on a health care system, the implementation of programs of assistance to victims of military operations and the development of charity culture.

It is easy to help: find out about it on Facebook.


Employment Center for Free People

Residents of Ukraine, who are victims of political repression, military operations and the difficult economic situation, due to which they have lost their jobs and need help, the Employment Center for Free People helps to find workplace. This civil initiative needs volunteers who will assist candidates in career counselling, resume writing, job selection.

It is easy to help: fill out the form here.


Help for the Future

Charitable Foundation "Help for the Future" helps the needy and sick children, providing charitable financial, medical, social, psychological, legal and information assistance.

Kyrill Ozirny, the director and founder of the fund:

"The Foundation has long been under the the official agreement in cooperation with "OKHMATDET" hospital, we have implemented many joint projects. We have bought and given the department of neonatology a device for CPAP therapy for 580 720 hryvnias, handed over drugs to the Department of Oncology and HIV / AIDS in the amount of 200 thousand hryvnias. Total aid had already more than a million hryvnia. Every week medicines, supplies are imported. Also, every week a bus from the Fund carries children from the hospital either on a cartoon or for other entertainment. For some period, the fund provided free the whole hospital with monthly demand for meat. There is also a target specific help to children who need expensive medications or supplies for operations. We have saved many children, and they continue to be carried about even after discharge. We believe that doing good deeds is easy. To do this, you need only a wish! "

It is easy to help: a list of jobs for volunteers here.



Come back alive 

Volunteer project "Come back alive" is engaged in providing the army since 2014. They supplied the military body armour, which was applied to the coat of arms of Ukraine and wrote "Come back alive." And so was born the name of the Fund.

"I wrote on facebook that I give money to the needs of the Ukrainian army and called friends to do the same", - says the founder of the project Vitaly Deynega. - "My next post was about buying body armor. I wrote that I found where to get body armor at a good price, and that today is the first post bag. Money began to flow immediately, and large sums. For the first 100 thousand were collected. Gradually we understood that the body armor, helmets, food - it is certainly good, but to the end the soldiers actually returned home alive, you need something more. "

The team is now supplying fighters thermal imaging devices and night vision, repairs equipment, trains deminers. About future plans the fund’s volunteer Vera Prohira said:

"We are studying the possibility of supply drones to those units which are necessary for a more effective performance of combat missions. Psychological support for the military in the ATO zone is also discussed.

It is easy to help: visit the page.


Army SOS 

Public Initiative Army SOS is a kind of conductor between the people and the soldiers. It organises the procurement of necessary ammunition, protection, communications and intelligence, products and forms. Then they deliver it all to the front, and personally handed fighters. 

It is easy to help: find out how the project site.



Happy Paw

Happy Paw Foundation took shelter under his wing for the first time in 2012. Activists help shelters to treat severely ill pets, park them in good hands, popularise the care of homeless cats and dogs and promote the humane treatment of animals.

"We are helping 11 orphanages partners, and also opened its own, which is home to about 100 dogs and 80 cats", - says the PR-manager of Happy Paw Adrian Borschovetskaya. - "Only in our care about 840 dogs and 250 seals. All they need to feed, medicines and warm cages. "

How it is to say goodbye to the ward, which was taken to the family, the founder of Happy Paw Olga Spector said:

"Each time when an animal leaves the shelter to go to their new home is special. Is it possible to conduct a "rating" of manifestation of human compassion and kindness? One day I read a post of one of the most active facebook bloggers about his dog with three legs and only by photo I learned it was one of my first wards. The dog’s foot, as in the fairy tale about Dr. Dolittle, was moved by train. Without treatment, the dog would not have survived. I paid for it, she recovered and stayed at the shelter. A few years later, I learned how to live a happy baby in the family. "

It is easy to help: fill out a form on the website.


Kyiv Animal Rescue Group

In Kyiv, an independent rescue volunteer community "Animal Rescue Group" operates. They help animals in distress. Team is motley and therefore multifunctional - it included industrial climbers, cavers, veterinarians. If you own professional skills necessary to rescue on of four-legged or ready to shelter rescued homeless animals, you are welcome.

It is easy to help: write to a Facebook page.


Youth League of Protection of Animals

For more than 10 years public volunteer organisation "Youth League of Protection of Animals helps shelters in Kyiv. The children help to look for the owners of animals involved in informational and educational work, organising charity events. You can follow them by subscribing on the Facebook page.

It is easy to help: leave your request on the site.


For a good cause prosper, it is important to perceive the charity as part of a human culture but not donated money by them. It does not matter how many you have shared hryvnias. It is important that you realise the necessity to do that.


 An original article read in the Pink magazine.