Graduation online: how the graduates of the project "Internship 11.0" felt at home

Graduation is a day that is always remembered with warmth in the heart, causes joy and nostalgia at the same time. And how many interesting and funny stories each of us has from graduation from school, university, from various programs and courses? None of us would want to trade all those euphoric feelings for an online prom.

But this is the only way out of the situation in which the whole world found itself during the pandemic and quarantine. But, kamon, what kind of graduation is this in Zoom and squares-classmates? Where are these tears of joy and sorrow, incredible images of graduates and the ceremony of awarding medals, diplomas, certificates?

And what if you connect the imagination, professionals and come up with an interesting scenario of the event, using digital tools? It turns out that making an online graduation, which will be no less interesting than the offline version, is real!

Klitschko Foundation together with the event agency S * EVENT implemented the first online graduation for participants of one of its projects - "Internship 11.0".

The participants of this project were students of 2-4 courses of Kyiv universities. For three months, they underwent an online internship at the foundation, studying project management, fundraising and communications. Approaching the end of the project, the foundation's team thought about how to organize graduation for its interns, because in 11 internships it has already become a kind of tradition!

Diana Mucha, Project Internship Manager 11.0: “The interns of the eleventh set deserved a real graduation. They proved for 3 months that they are able to overcome all challenges, even remotely. So we decided to take the challenge and implement graduation for interns, because that's why we are fighters! We wanted each trainee to feel the power of the community they created, to remember their victories, challenges and to believe in themselves even more! It was important to us that our graduates, despite the fact that they traveled almost all the way remotely, felt part of the Klitschko Foundation. The S * EVENT team and the Klitschko Foundation faced a huge challenge - to realize an online evening, create a festive atmosphere and give each guest a final feeling of euphoria. Spoiler: we managed to do it all! But how?

Alyona Kameneva, S * EVENT project manager: “Graduation online was a new format in the history of our activity, but this format is very similar to live TV shooting, in which we have experience. We understood the tasks set before us and made every effort to implement them, gathering a team of professionals. The biggest challenge, which we could not influence at all, was the unstable Internet of participants, which we connected to the air. And even that is an experience for us. Now we know the features and specifics that we can hone in new online projects. The online format is a reality of our time, it is worth adapting to it, because the former world will no longer exist. Ukraine is ready for such changes, and we are ready to try something new and keep up with the times. Celebrating graduation online is, first and foremost, safe. Our team understood the main thing: this format has the right to life, we can make it cool, interesting, and most importantly - safe for all participants. "

And how was the online graduation realized?


Preparations for graduation began a month before the X. Online brainstorming, preparation of texts, design materials. They found photos of all the sets, funny videos, remembered local jokes and stories of fakaps. In the end, the graduation format was formed.

Technical support. YouTube became the platform for the event, with the help of the program "vMix" it was possible to display the right people, show pre-prepared videos and broadcast live coverage of the host from the office of the foundation. The host, by the way, was Alina Nosenko - director of the Klitschko Foundation.

Event scenario.

The prom was divided into two parts: formal and entertaining.

In the official part, Alina Nosenko told her story of internships, graduates of the "Internship" program in previous years told their success stories, and the managers of this project, which they implemented in different periods, shared their experiences and impressions.

Award ceremony.

It was the most unexpected process. We sent parcels with gifts for the ceremony to the trainee parents in advance. At the team of the leader, the parents simultaneously handed over certificates, branded T-shirts and other gifts to 15 interns-graduates.

It was an incredible moment when the interns were really overwhelmed by the feeling of celebration! Because you can expect something like this when you watch a live broadcast on YouTube and know for sure that the certificate at this time can only come to the e-mail.

After that, one of the founders of the foundation, Wladimir Klitschko, said a welcoming speech to the interns: “Today I want to wish you one thing - to live life to the fullest. Do not be afraid of new opportunities, try something new for yourself and open new horizons for self-development. In your internship, you have already started this path to improvement, so there is no going back. Now go ahead! I believe that the acquired knowledge and skills will not only not be lost, but will also improve and be replenished with new ones. Each of you is a fighter. Fighter for your happy future, so never give up, confidently go to your goal and always carry in your heart the motto that unites us all: "Fight for your dream!"

Speech by graduates.

The interns, for their part, prepared a video song, which they sang together in Zoom. Each trainee expressed his gratitude and thanked those with whom he worked for 3 months. Ivan Butko, a graduate of the Internship 11.0 project: “Thanks to such warm moments, I was completely immersed in the atmosphere of graduation. I really liked the part with the managers of the "Internship" project of the past years, because listening to them, I got an incredible dose of inspiration! And the most unexpected moment was the presentation of a graduate certificate. I thought until the last minute that I would get it later. "

Online entertainment.

The entertainment part was a good continuation of graduation. The presenter announced the competition, and in the meantime, participants who wished to participate in advance, connected to the online broadcast and performed tasks. It turns out you can read on the lips and play Elias online too! Broadcast chat was also active. There, participants conveyed greetings to each other, wrote their impressions and joined the competitions! Photos from the holiday. But what about graduation without a photo? To take a joint photo, the interns took a selfie during graduation and posted it on Instagram with a special hashtag #graduationKF. In addition, a photo shoot was held in the office during the live broadcast. So, no one was left without a photo! Continuation of the holiday. We haven't forgotten about the afterparty either! After graduation, the foundation team and interns moved to Zoom, where they continued to communicate, joke and remember the most emotional moments of "Internship 11.0" in an informal atmosphere!