Further - it is more : Yelyzaveta's path after participating in the project "Teenovation"

"Teenovation" is a 7-day online business project for teens. One of the participants in the "Teenovation" project was Yelyzaveta, a graduate of the 9th school in Kyiv. The girl is fond of learning English and already has her own small business of creating edible bouquets.

Yelyzaveta is always looking for a way to improve her skills, so last fall, the girl joined the project "Teenovation".  

"This project won my heart. I have never worked with such a hard-working and friendly team. The wonderful organizers Dasha Malevka and Dasha Shepetko, who supported and inspired us during the work, even now are constantly encouraging us to participate in various competitions", says Yelyzaveta. 

The girl had the opportunity to meet the professional team of the foundation, improve the level of English, learn the basic principles of doing business and present with the team the business idea of ​​an online application for self-development "Change yourself".

“For me, the project was held under the slogan "in search of the incredible", because each of us is an individual and such tests give us the opportunity to improve knowledge, broaden our horizons and use time to good effect! "Teenovation” is about experience, knowledge, friendship, cooperation and finding yourself," says the girl.  

Thanks to the project, Yelyzaveta realized that she wanted to connect her future career with communication with people, learning English, and working in a team. Therefore, for the sake of her dream, the girl does not stop and conquers new heights.

"After "Teenovation" I filmed a local TED talk with my English teacher about my participation in this project, completed courses in English MGI (Michael Gott International), took part in an alternate video "Vogue 73" and in the local project "Realms of the Future". In the near future, I will join the summer "MGI project" to improve the level of English", says Yelyzaveta.

We wish Yelyzaveta even more new achievements, ease in achieving her goal and ability to never stop fighting for her dream! We believe that everything will work out, because further - it is more! 




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