Foundation`s employees joined the discussion on the technologies for the development of communities

Lately there have been a lot of interesting events and lectures with the participation of international companies. Recently employees of the Klitschko Foundation had an opportunity to visit a public discussion Technologies for Development: «Effective development of communities in Ukraine».

The event was initiated by Microsoft, in partnership with GURT Resource Centre. The center is a member of  TechSoup global network. All partners of the network are leading civil society organizations and they are implementing a number of programs to develop capacity of the nonprofit sector in their countries.

The event goal was to find new and effective models of cooperation between NGOs, businesses, donors and government as a result of which the community will be able to create optimal conditions for the development of each resident. In our opinion, the discussion was very informative and has reached all the goals.

Ivanna Pidlus’ka, Deputy Executive Director of International Renaissance Foundation shared her thoughts considering the DoZorro system, which they support with a grant.  The system involves the creation of e-descriptions – electronic application forms – which would gather the information concerning the prices of drugs and medicines automatically and would be available for everybody. 

Maryna Lebid, a coordinator of the NGO «Free People Employment Center» stated that she sees her organization as a technological one. They received a large number of applications for employment from refugees, ATO veterans

and disabled people so that they have to systematize all the data. Maryna doesn’t take it as information only, but also as stories of people in need of defense. Also for them is very important the cooperation with business as a basis of civil society and business is always about efficiency and innovations.

On the event were represented a lot of other interesting and successful people who were speakers. The most memorable were the speeches of Nadia Vasyl`eva, the General Director of the company «Microsoft Ukraine» and Wojciech Rustecki, a member of the administration of the TechSoup Foundation. It’s no surprise that in both of their stories main issue was «Software donation». Also were raised questions of the cyber security, proper behavior on the web, cloud technologies were discussed.

The speakers were interesting and successful people. The most memorable speeches were done by CEO of «Microsoft Ukraine» Nadiya Vasilieva and TechSoup Foundation board member Wojciech Rustetski.

In general, the discussion raised such issues such as technological support of non-profit organizations in Ukraine, the needs of  Ukrainian NGOs in information and communication technologies, the lagging of rural areas in technical development, opportunities for local self-government, the support and proceeding of  Administrative services  centers.

We got a simple and definite answer to our question «What tools should be used to bring existing technology to mass?»: «Education». The opinion of the majority of the discussion members was that Ukraine should implement new technologies through education.

Overall, the event left a very good impression, we shared our thoughts and got aquatinted with an opinion of the leading experts on innovative ways on attraction of the technologies into the activities of non-profit and charitable organizations. The issue of the technologization is extremely important, requires special care and it is not surprising that the debate has gathered the full audience of interested listeners.

The Klitschko Foundation is trying to meet the needs of the modern world and involves into own activities cloud services, social networks, uses online broadcast capabilities and benefits of hosting of our own website. These advanced technologies help us to perform more efficiently in planning and implementation of the projects.