For the first time, Ukraine wins in International Debates

On the 29th of September in Tallinn (Estonia) the XI International International Debate Youth Final was held where Ukraine's first winner - Yana Bits from Ivano-Frankivsk – got the first place.

This year, 20 winners of national competitions debated, whenever the comprehensive state regulation of the Internet should occur? Yana acted out of the position "against". 24 minutes were enough for her to persuade everyone and win the debate.

The winner shares her impressions with us:

"International youth debates are held for the eleventh time already. I am very glad for this victory, because Ukraine won for the first time and I hope that not the last one. In Tallinn, the final gathered the twenty best candidates of Central and Eastern Europe. So the competition was great. The distance in marks between all the participants was extremely small, and everyone who has reached this stage – is already a winner. This week - during the debates and trainings - we made a great friendship. I even felt a bit sad when I won.

In these competitions you find people with the same interests. And no matter what stage you stopped at, you are already in the alumni club. Then you can be invited to be a jury member in your country. If you showed yourself well, then even in an international competition. Next year I will judge the XII International debate in Bratislava. A month later I will go to Brahma to meet all the graduates. There will be small debates, and experts will tell about the problems of domestic policy in the European Union. There will be a lot of such meetings. So whoever wants to stay in this project - definitely has such an opportunity.

What would I recommend to future members? First of all, remember that this is a linguistic contest. Without a deep knowledge of the language, it will be difficult for you to defend your position. Also learn how to find harmony with yourself and how to compromise. When there is a draw, and you are told that you are "against" on a given topic, and you are set up positively - no debates will happen. The essence of the debate is to give the public the opportunity to make a balanced decision. What do lawyers do? Even when they know that a person is really a criminal, they try to justify her in a court. If the lawyer is highly qualified – he will succeed. The whole thing is in the ability to debate".

"Jugend debattiert international" (International Youth Debate) is an international competition for speakers from Central and Eastern Europe, held in German. It teaches students from Central and Eastern Europe to convincingly present their point of view. During the debate children discuss on such topics, as: school life, human rights, history, in particular the elimination of historical injustice, and others.

The International Debate Competition is an effective tool for developing the competencies required for the 21st Century: the ability to hear the interlocutor, to accept alternative thoughts and critically understand the information.

Right now, at the turn of the generations, we consider it necessary to create more opportunities for the development of children and teenagers who remove mental shores and promote intercultural dialogue.

You need to be sure that when making socially important decisions will be the task of the next generation, which is already interested in adult topics, they will be ready to take responsibility to build their own country and their own lives.

The project is organized by the Goethe-Institute, the Foundation “Memory. Responsibility. Future ", Hertz Foundation and the Central Office for Secondary Education Abroad. The Klitschko Foundation supports the project in Ukraine from 2013.