First job interview: all you should know

First job interview is like a first date: we are glad to have it, look forward to it and often fail to deal with emotions. However, you’re not able to skip this stage in your life. So let’s see together how we can make positive impression on employer and get your first long-awaited job.

Some day or other every student realizes that university does not give even half of the knowledge needed to succeed as a professional and get ahead in life. Moment when we understand that becomes starting point for looking for the first job or internship. Maybe you know that feeling when, after careful studying of articles and blogs by experienced HR-managers, you were trying to complete ideal CV and motivation letter and after that waiting with thrill what is coming next.  Then goes the call: you are invited to interview; hence, many questions appear along with happiness. What would they ask? How should I behave? What clothes are better to choose? What is worth mentioning and what is better to hide?

First of all, half of the job interview’s success is knowledge about fields and projects of the company, you want to be a part of.. So it is better to find time to study carefully organization’s website and social media.

Secondly, the most powerful weapon of yours is honesty. Insincerity, attempts to look better than you actually are as well as made-up skills and experience are extremely visible for an employer. The most important thing is to explain confidently and reasonably why you worth this job and why exactly you should become an integral part of the team. Unusual talents, interesting experience, intelligence, personal traits and original view of the world are things a chef is looking for in his potential workers.

Appearance is also important. Bright makeup, skimpy clothes, extremely high heels and too glamorous hairstyle are good for the party or date. However, for the job interview it is better to choose neutral and official outfit.  

Finally, during the job interview they would definitely pay attention to your manners and punctuality. Regarding this, basic things like politeness, orderliness and cleanliness should never been ignored.  Besides creativity, intelligence and useful skills, responsibility is also truly matters since nobody wants to deal with a chaotic worker.  

Consequently, when going to the job interview:

  •   make sure you have a clear vision of company you want to work in
  •   define your strengths and weakness
  •   take care about tidy and appropriate outfit
  •   be punctual and behave politely

Emotions are better to loose somewhere in the public transport on your way to the interview. Remember that experience is the most important thing, even without a positive answer, since every result is, first of all, valuable lesson.