Finalists of the fourth philosophical seminar "Realms of the Future"

The competition was really difficult. Among the questionnaires, the Klitschko Foundation and The Aspen Institute Kyiv selected 20 teenagers who will soon meet on the project. They will discuss the challenges of modernity, human nature and its place in society, the search for a vocation and other philosophical issues. Look for your name in the lists!

Andrusevych Eugene, Khmelnytsky region

Burdyuzha Ksenia, Odessa region

Daria Buchkovska, Lviv region

Garipp Daria, Donetsk region

Goncharov Alexander, Kyiv

Juice Alexey, Chernivtsi region

Dombrovska Anastasia, Kirovohrad region

Kazakov Nazar, Chernihiv region

Kobets Vladislava, Donetsk region

Cousin Roman, Kirovograd region

Kurnytska Olena, Lviv

Mulyak Karolina, Dnipropetrovsk region

Eugene pie, Odessa region

Ryzhenko Nazariy, Chernihiv region

Svirgun Arina, Odessa region

Soroka Yana, Ternopil region

Stelmakh Dmitry, Rivne region

Tomashov Vladislav, Donetsk region

Cymbal Severin, Lviv region

Yushchenko Anastasia, Kyiv

If you did not find yourself among the finalists - do not be upset. Other opportunities are already waiting for you, so fill out questionnaires for other Klitschko Foundation projects and fight for your dream!