Finalists of selection for Internship 10.0

In a few days, the trainees of the new, 10th set will start working with the Foundation's team - they will be fully immersed in the processes, create creative ideas and, of course, learn copywriting, design, fundraising and project management. Congratulations to the finalists:

Bakhareva Daria

Beet Anastasia

Bushuyeva Eva

Gafurova Antonina

Guseva Olesya

Uncle Oksana

Ivashchenko Olya

Dmitry Kanevsky

Sour Victoria

Mosquito Victoria

Orishchin Roksolyan

Petrovska Victoria

Amendment Olga

Sinelnik Katerina

Violinist Maya

Ferinska Anna

Yaroshchuk Valeriy

If your name is not on this list - do not be upset and do not give up. We are always happy to see you again, so fill out the form for mentoring or volunteering on future projects. Remember that the path to the goal is not easy, so you have to fight for your dream!