Finalists for the Voice in Action Vol.2 pilot project

Congratulations to the finalists of the second set of the Voice in Action project! This project is organized by George Fletcher, a volunteer from the UK, who came to Ukraine under the EVS program. Participants will learn to create resumes and write cover letters in accordance with EU and UN standards, pass interviews, find volunteer and educational opportunities in Ukraine and abroad and become more confident in communicating in English.

Finalists for the Voice in Action Vol.2 pilot project.

  1. Didyk Valeriia
  2. Kibuk Daria
  3. Kravets Vera
  4. Kutsyn Kateryna
  5. Melnyk Milena
  6. Romaniuk Tetiana
  7. Syla Maria
  8. Tyrovets Mariia-Anastasiia

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