#fightersKF Life itself inspires me

Oksana Diadiura, Project Assistant, about hobbies, superpowers and inspiration

How do the people who create the fund's projects live? What are their interests, why do they love their job and what principles guide them in life? In our project #fightersKF we find answers to all these questions. Today we will talk to project assistant Oksana Dyadyura.

How do you like the new format of work?

At first, it was unusual not to visit the office, where everything motivates you to work hard, and where you can always consult with colleagues. But over time, I adapted, found the right approach to organizing my own time and space. And calls to ZOOM and social networks help to keep in touch with colleagues.

Tell your story of acquaintance with the foundation.

While studying in the first year of university, I got used to a new stage of life in a big city, and once I realized that I was wasting time without using all the opportunities. On the same day, she decided to review all the Telegram channels she had subscribed to and came across a questionnaire for a communications volunteer for the School of Success project. I had heard about the fund from my mother before, so I submitted a questionnaire and, unexpectedly for myself, passed.

The work at the "School of Success" was intense. Every day I wrote texts for the foundation's social networks, which you may have had the opportunity to read. But at the same time I was waiting to meet and communicate with 50 active and positive teenagers, mentors and the foundation team. The atmosphere on the project inspired me so much that I decided to apply for "Internship 10.0". Even then, I was able to get acquainted with the values ​​of the foundation, find a circle of like-minded people and develop my skills. On the last holiday evening in the office, I realized that I wanted to stay and work here. Thus began my story as a fund employee.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on ProCharity, an educational project for representatives of charities and NGOs. Participants will gain knowledge in nonprofit management, project management, communications and fundraising.

Charities and community organizations are changing communities and helping people. We influence changes in these organizations and indirectly in changes in their environment. And precisely because I can contribute to the development of our society, this project is valuable to me.

What do you like most about your job?

For me it is an opportunity to communicate with people, to exchange thoughts and ideas with them. Conversation is an exchange of energy, and it is great if it is positive and benefits both. I am also attracted by the opportunity to develop and help others in this. Realizing your potential is everyone's responsibility. It is great that the fund's projects help the participants and, directly, the team that works on them.

What do you do besides work?

I take part in student life. I like to feel in the big family of my faculty, where we work to achieve a common goal and just enjoy the whole process of preparation for the performance. After long rehearsals, presenting my own story to the public is surprisingly pleasant and exciting.

1 thing you can't live without?

I definitely can't live without music. It has always been present in my life when I was in music school and when I now play the piano at home. I like to look for little-known songs and artists, they add a kind of charm to my playlist.

What advice would you give yourself as a teenager?

Everything that happens and does not happen - for the better. Everything in our lives comes to us when we need it. Therefore, you should not worry about failures, but take them as a lesson so as not to repeat mistakes in the future.

What kind of superpower would you like to have?

It may sound trite, but the first thing that came to mind was the superpower of teleportation. Explore new places, landscapes, fauna and flora, culture and traditions - as a separate art form. Just imagine: today you are at home, and tomorrow in colorful Japan, where everything is impressive, new and unfamiliar. Walk the loud streets of Tokyo, watch the sakura blossoms, taste tea at the tea ceremony.

What inspires you in life?

I am inspired by life itself. Everything around me: people, nature, books, buildings. Even an ordinary passerby who smiles at me can inspire me to smile at people too. The more you notice the beauty around you, the more inspiration you get.

What do you like most about Kyiv?

Now my favorite place in Kyiv is the National Opera. I don't go there as often as I would like, but there is something mysterious about it. Few of my acquaintances share my passion for opera and ballet, but I think they lose a lot without ever having been to such an event. This is a picture that is written from the sound of the orchestra, voice, bright costumes, architecture, scenery and emotions.

Kyiv is a fantastic city. As they say, how can I not love you, my Kyiv. It has opportunities for the development of a big city, and a centuries-old history that you just want to read, and friendly people. I myself am from the village. Ashtray, in the Zhytomyr region, and I love this place no less than our capital. Here I can be with my family, friends, feel the warmth of home. Here you can see the beautiful sunsets, which in a big city sometimes you just do not notice. And also hear the birds singing and eat delicious cherries.