#fightersKF If you want something, you can do it for sure

Sofia Tarasyuk, communications assistant, about volunteering, features of work in communications and hobbies

Each member of the foundation's team contributes a special part to each project. What do those who create projects for the foundation live on, what do they dream about, how do they spend their weekends and what inspire them - this is what we talk about in an interview with #fightersKF.

How did your story with the foundation begin?

The foundation came into my life thanks to the School of Success project in 2014. The most interesting thing is that my mentor was Alina Nosenko, and the psychologist (then at the "School of Success" each team had a mentor, a psychologist and two counselors) was Dmytro Kryzhanivsky. Each team had certain specializations. Guess what I had? Oddly enough - communication! Then Alina Nosenko conducted trainings on this topic with us, I even still have a notebook with notes from these classes. And who would have thought then that in 5 years I will become a part of the foundation team and I will also work in communications!

After the "School of Success", I followed the news of the foundation and last year I came across the possibility of volunteering - so I became a volunteer of the foundation for 3 months. My next plans were to become an intern. But it didn't work out as planned... And it turned out even steeper - she became a communications assistant and already managed the work of the autumn recruitment interns.

This is how the foundation became a place of career and personal development in my life. The Klitschko Foundation is a part of my life, every day and every minute.

What projects are you working on and why are they important to you?

If you work in communications, then you work in all projects. I don't have a priority scale for projects, because each of them is unique in its own way, and the most valuable thing in each of them is people. Every time a new environment, creative ideas, incredible opportunities, knowledge! All this together gives me a feeling of happiness, because when you share something with others and see that it benefits the participants, the project and society in general, you realize that you live in vain, that you are in the right place and what you do , really important.

I believe that the disadvantage of modern Ukrainian society is the excessive criticism of everything that is happening, and at the same time the unwillingness to change at least something. But the fund's projects show that there are still Ukrainians who are ready to act, learn and implement change. The foundation unites such people, gives them skills, knowledge, motivation and support, and thus moves the whole society in a positive direction. Local projects and feedback from the participants themselves are proof of this.

Did you have such a moment while working in the fund, which significantly changed the values, views on something?

The turn of my views took place at the "School of Success" in 2019, when, standing on stage with the team of the foundation, we were thanked. At that moment, I was scrolling in my head everything that happened to me during the volunteering period: training of mentors, meetings in the office, arrival. And suddenly I caught myself thinking, “Wow, I volunteered for the Klitschko Foundation! During this period, I have changed a lot and definitely for the better. I'm proud of myself." I used to think: "To implement projects, you need to have a lot of experience, graduate from university and be over 25 years old."

So when I volunteered, I realized that if you want to be useful to people, not to waste your time on nonsense, but to develop and learn, then nothing can stop you. At 18 you can become an employee of the foundation, as it happened to me, or at 23 you can become a director like Alina Nosenko, and at 14-15 you can implement your own project, as the participants of our projects do. All the restrictions are only in your head. If you want something, then you can definitely do it. That's why I start every morning with the thought: "Turn dreams into reality!"

What do you like most about your job?

Movement. This is something without which a person in the communications department cannot work effectively. If someone imagines that work in communications is a laptop, texts and everything, then he is very wrong. My work is dynamic, I never sit still, tasks are constantly changing, a hurricane of interesting information is swirling around you, everyone is a walking story. Interviews, articles, questionnaires, presentations, photos - it is impossible to list everything. Yes, sometimes this constant movement is tiring, but it also inspires, develops and, in the end, it turns out that you are constantly working to improve projects and yourself as a professional.

What character trait helps you the most in your work?

I like to listen. Probably strange, but it helps me in my work. I like to listen to the stories of interns, participants, team members, guests of the foundation. Everyone has something special in them, and it is always interesting for me to reveal different extraordinary facets in a person.

With whom would you like to have coffee?

In quarantine, there is a great desire to drink coffee with everyone I know.

And seriously, probably with his teacher from the music school - Nelya Arkadivna. She is a very wise woman. And all our lessons were not limited to playing the instrument. All this was combined with life advice and personal stories. I haven't seen her for several years, so I would most like to meet her.

1 thing you can't live without?

Tea. I love him very much. At any time of the year. I constantly drink it in the office when I have time. Here you drink tea, and if also in the good company at once somehow on soul becomes good :)

What advice would you give yourself as a teenager?

Don't be afraid to act! I also give myself this advice every day. Going back to my childhood, I remember all the moments when I had various opportunities, but due to certain circumstances I did not use them. Now I try not to make such mistakes. And I often tell my acquaintances and friends about different opportunities for their development. And it's very nice when they listen to my advice and then become participants in various projects and competitions, or when you see their names in the lists of participants in the foundation's projects.

What kind of superpower would you like to have?

Oh, and probably all my skills that I develop, I would like to consider my strengths, my superpowers. One of those superpowers that I plan to master in the near future is public speaking. I admire those who know how to perform well in public. I love TED Talks. Because isn't it fantastic when one person, by saying certain words, can inspire others to take action, make someone think about important issues or convey his own opinion?

What inspires you in life?

And in general, what is inspiration? This is the moment when a spark ignites in you and in turn it generates ideas, desires and dreams. I am inspired by my parents, friends, travel, books. There is no single recipe for inspiration. Everything in a heap inspires me to something. One day it could be the flowers I saw coming from the subway, and the other day it could be a few pages of a book read.

What are you dreaming about?

My dream is to travel around the world and to write a book about it. Or maybe not a book? Maybe I'll make a whole movie! Will I gather a whole group of people who will realize this dream together with me. I don't know exactly how I make this dream come true, but I am 100% sure that it will be something very cool and something I will be proud of.

What is your favorite place in Kyiv?

KPI Library. It is very cozy and the atmosphere that prevails there allows you to fully immerse yourself in your thoughts. And try to look for such in the always bustling Kyiv! In general, I really like places where I can be alone with myself, dream, plan something or even just sit and watch the library visitors. As a freshman at the university, I probably spent most of my free time there.