European Solidarity Corps Quality Label for Klitschko Foundation!

This year the Klitschko Foundation received the European Solidarity Corps Quality Label.

European Solidarity Corps Quality Label — accreditation of organizations interested in participating in volunteer activities, internships, and working events of the European Solidarity Corps. Accreditation ensures consistently high standards in the activities of the Solidarity Corps and helps organizations find partners.

This label proves that the Klitschko Foundation meets all the criteria of the European Commission, as an organization with extensive experience in involving volunteers in the fund, their comprehensive support, as well as creating conditions for all volunteer initiatives for self-development and improvement.

The decision to grant accreditation was provided by the Klitschko Foundation to SALTO Eastern Europe and the European Commission.

For us, receiving the European Solidarity Corps Quality Label is an extremely significant event, as it opens new opportunities for the fund's activities, as well as allows access to the programs of the European Solidarity Corps, and ensures common quality standards.

Accreditation also provides the fund with the opportunity to accept 4 long-term and 4 short-term volunteers at the same time, as well as 20 volunteers in the volunteer teams of projects.

‘It was important to get the European Solidarity Corps Quality Label for the Klitschko Foundation because it expands our opportunities to improve our work with volunteers, and also allows us to attract more volunteers from abroad. This, in turn, will help us share our own experiences with volunteers from other countries. And together, by joining forces, we will be able to implement projects that will benefit and change society,’ says Alina Nosenko, director of the Klitschko Foundation.

Getting the European Solidarity Corps Quality Label is another way to demonstrate our values ​​to society experience, opportunities, knowledge, courage, self-development, team, responsibility, change, dream and action  and find those who share them with us.

We believe that by involving international volunteers in the Foundation's team and working on joint projects, we are thus creating the conditions for intercultural dialogue, shaping critical thinking, and helping to broaden the horizons of young people. And thus we embody the mission of the fund!