Equator of the project "Success Packages"!

It is unbelievable that the "Success Packages" has crossed the equator!

We remind you that the project partner is the UEFA Foundation. Together we are implementing this project for the second time and this year the project "Success Packages" started in a new format — online.

Lectures, meetings to share experiences, practical advice and new knowledge this is where the project began and will continue until its completion.

We are convinced that even in this format you can transfer your knowledge and experience, teach methods of effective sports teaching and help involve students in an active lifestyle, sports both at school and abroad.

From the very beginning, the project participants are accompanied by four mentors who constantly help the participants with all questions and homework, share their work experience, personal success and failure stories, and discuss the knowledge and advice gained during the project.

 In addition, during this time, project participants, physical education teachers, have already listened to lectures on:

- self-determination and teamwork from the director of the Klitschko Foundation Alina Nosenko;

- internal and external communications from the communications assistants of the Sofia Tarasyuk and Maria Palivoda Foundation;

- a healthy lifestyle from Yuri Zhuravsky  a participant in the 2002 Olympic Games and an expert on sports education of adolescents and a healthy lifestyle;

- bullying from Kateryna Holzberg a psychologist, head of the professional association of child psychologists of Ukraine.

And what do the participants themselves say about the project?

Yuriy Krushny: “The summer of 2020 is completely different from the previous ones. The quarantine situation in the country has posed challenges to physical education teachers. Even the long-awaited training in the "Success Packages" project has been changed from face-to-face meetings to online seminars. But thanks to excellent and knowledgeable speakers, we improved our knowledge of external and internal communications and got to know the work of the foundation in more detail. I am sure that when teachers and students return to educational institutions, I will be able to use all the acquired knowledge in practice".

Kateryna Gusakova: “After graduating as a teacher, I started my summer as a student I became a participant in the online project "Success Packages". I have already discovered new forms of distance learning during Alina Nosenko's lecture. We did various exercises online, namely "5 values", "4 personalities", "Wall of Fame" on the platforms Padlet and Mentimeter, and also played a quiz through the application Kahoot.it. The second module was no less active. Together with Sofia Tarasyuk, we learned what external communications are, the target audience, the portrait of the target audience, the purpose and channels of communication, how press release differs from press release and how exactly to write them. The second module was continued with Maria Palivoda. Analyzed internal communications, identified the criteria of the target audience, how to properly convey information through Facebook and Instagram, how to create materials for publications. It is very valuable to me that every speaker advises books to read! We also get homework after each class, so I feel like a real student. And there is so much new and interesting ahead!”

Igor Maglon: "There is not much experience! I had a great opportunity to take part in the project "Success Packages" for physical education teachers. It so happened that under quarantine our communication takes place online. However, although the option of conveying information to such a large number of participants is not quite familiar but quite interesting. Speakers present information clearly, inspire development and motivate. During several lectures we learn about new teaching methods, learn to communicate and share experiences. I am sincerely grateful for such an opportunity. I have already learned a lot and I am ready to implement what I heard in class. I believe that together we can help children get more opportunities for self-realization and development".