Democracy Game took place

On January 20, 22 teams of teenagers from across the country came together online to decide who is the smartest.

This project became special for us and the participants, because it was conducted in a hybrid format. Participants answered questions on the online platform, and our presenters in the studio read out questions that could be heard during the broadcast.

The project aimed to unite young people around the themes of democracy, active citizenship and a responsible attitude to their future through informative and playful formats. In answering the question, the teenagers had the opportunity to move from Sparta to the United States during the Great Depression and then back to Renaissance Europe, to answer the question "What did John F. Kennedy do in 1963, how will the word" waste paper "in Latin and what an alien from the novel Heinlein? ” and not only that!

"This project is a good initiative, and it's cool that young people have the opportunity to gather for such an opportunity to discuss democracy, practice logic and put academic time management knowledge and skills into practice. Technically, everything was done at the highest level, and it was very nice to see a serious approach to the issue in terms of organizing the quiz itself. So I was not the only one who was satisfied with last night, ”said Nazariy, a participant in the project.

Thank you to all the participants who came together on this day. All participants showed their best and showed their curiosity and intelligence. As a result, the winners are five teams that will receive prizes from the fund.

Together we look forward to exciting projects in the new 2022!

The project is implemented in partnership with Crossing Borders with funding from CISU.