Courage is a key to success (1)

Debates are not only about oratory but also brave decisions and making your point.

Neonila is a 15-year-old teenage girl from Lutsk, a graduate of the Great Debate Camp, and also a participant in this year's School of Success. New experience, knowledge, acquaintances and improvement of her skills - that's what makes the lights in her the eyes brightly shine. Since childhood, she is fond of drawing, tries her hand at web design, journalism, and loves history and volunteering.

Neonila started her acquaintance with the Klitschko Foundation a year ago, when she first took part in the local «Horizons of the Future» project. It left loads of ​​positive impressions!

"After participating in the «Horizons of the Future» project, I learned more about the foundation. And then there was the local «School of Success», online projects «Democracy Hub: Public Speaking and Debating», and later «Synergy», but I did not dare to take part in the project at the national level. I was scared: I thought that I would not pass in any case. However, I gathered my efforts and realized that it was time to do it. The «Great Debate Camp» project  was another online event I took part in."

The girl admits that before the «Great Debate Camp», she had nothing to do with the debate. She have never taken part in such a thing and have never heard of anything related to debates in Ukraine or her hometown.

"I immediately wondered what it was, because debate is something unknown to me, and I like to try something new. The debate pumps up public speaking skills. Wanting to be better at it, I was confident that I would improve my skills and become more confident in what I was saying."  

Neonila does not hide that the project met all her expectations. And even more! It surpassed them:

"I was expecting new acquaintances, new information, new experiences… I wanted to know what a debate is and try myself in it. In fact, expectations usually spoil everything, but not this time, because the project exceeded my expectations! There was a lot of information — interesting and useful. All the lectures were perfect from beginning to end, and I was pleased with the large amount of practice and the fact that you can immediately apply the knowledge gained".  

The participant advises each teenager to try their hand at the Great Debate Camp to develop the skills of critical thinking, analysis, learn to panic less in stressful situations. And to master the skills of argumentation, which are very helpful in resolving conflicts and any quarrels. You must always evolve and change the world, starting with yourself.  

"It's worth a try, fill out all the questionnaires and don't even think that something won't work out! Make mistakes, analyze them and become better. Read a lot, learn about the world, communicate and create a comfortable environment. Just take a risk, go ahead and get inspired!" - says Neonila.