Climbing Everest without leaving home

Sometimes it seems that a teacher's job is no different than climbing Everest. There are not enough resources, there are not the best conditions for work, sometimes there is a lack of motivation and strength to continue moving forward. Moreover, both during the conquest of mountain peaks and during teaching, there are similar secrets of success - it is necessary not to give up, share resources with others, and support each other because together we are stronger.

That's why together with the participants of the project "Success Package" we took part in the online training "Climbing Everest"  to compare the two experiences and see how important teamwork is. And this format of work can be used in school lessons.

So, despite the closed borders and the lack of international flights, together with the consulting company Ascendis and team expert, radio host Alexander Vyshnevsky, we conducted a 4-hour online training at Zoom, during which all stages of mountain conquest took place: from detailed planning and purchase of necessary products and things for team ascent and descent.

It was not just an exciting game, but a business simulation that reflected not only the harsh mountain climate but also the unpredictability of the route and the obstacles that should be taken into account during planning.

At the beginning of the simulation, each team received an imaginary budget for which you need to make purchases for the campaign, given the weight limit. The teams also had to calculate the optimal route, assess all the risks, weather conditions reported by the presenters, and the time spent on the ascent and descent. Teamwork took place in separate session halls in Zoom  places where there was a special atmosphere: the calculators did not have a second to rest, the notes flew, the brainstorming did not stop and the question "And what?" The teams set off with reliable support - mentors and a business simulation team traveled from one session hall to another and answered all questions.

After the preparatory block, the no less exciting part began  the ascent of Everest! The success of the trip depended in part on the weather, so even the children ran up to their parents, physical education teachers, and "shamanized" the good weather - knocking on everything that could be found around the desktop, singing songs, and dancing. Of course, Everest's climate is changing, so teams had to learn to adapt to the situation and deal quickly while calculating food and water supplies. This stage is also considered the most difficult for the integrity of the team itself, as one participant noted: "On day 10, people start arguing, but we will be friendly  this is our goal!". Therefore, this business simulation was not only an opportunity to learn to think strategically and plan in an unusual format, but also was a test of team endurance and the ability to cooperate despite the difficulties.

Here's what our participants think about online training:

Nadiya Gaponova: “Alexander Vyshnevsky is a master of his craft! He explained everything clearly and distinctly. At the planning stage, it was a little difficult to understand what to take and what not, because money and pounds are limited. But in such moments of doubt, we were helped by a mentor, for which we are very grateful to him! Our goal was to conquer the mountain, survive in the relentless cold and have fun. And we achieved our goal and also received a reward!”

Mykhailo Dyorka: “Our team conquered the mountain and went down first because we decided that victory is more important for us than just accumulating resources at the top. The main thing is that we acted as a team, in coordination, made the right decisions, interacted with other teams, were ready to assist at any time!"

Larysa Baleva: “Although the campaign was virtual, it was a success! The main thing  they became friends, felt the strong shoulder of a friend. I think now you can go to the real mountains, we are not afraid of glaciers and fierce winds, steep peaks, and abysses. We are united by one goal, friendship, and desire to win!”

It was amazing to watch the participants radiate happiness as they deftly counted the steps and the training moderators announced good weather at their location! These four hours were full of emotions and unexpected discoveries about me and teamwork.