Charity trends from Alina Nosenko

On December 1, Alina Nosenko talked about charity trends in 2021. What will they be like? We have compiled a synopsis of the lecture for you.

COVID-19 makes the nonprofit sector virtual.

Continuing the trend this year, charitable organizations will continue to work in an online format will conduct online projects, increase activity in social networks, will increasingly practice the opportunity to make charitable contributions online.

Adaptation, flexibility and continuous learning.

The corona crisis made everyone think about the activity how relevant it is, what impact it has on society. The coming year will once again prove that strength is in quick response and mastering new skills.

Personalization goes to the highest level.

Separate messages for each target audience, maximum personalization in all types of communication channels, interaction with CA all this helps to speak closer to your audience.

Generation Z is part of the non-profit world.

This generation now not only wants to be employees of BOs and NGOs, but also makes charitable contributions if they understand the importance and impact of the initiative. However, it is important to remember that the rules of the game with this generation are completely different the old approaches and principles will not work. Generation Z is more important than salary, but self-realization, the coincidence of company values ​​and personal values, the ability to create socially important projects.

Charities will work to develop their own brand.

Those organizations that will be different from others and clearly position themselves will have power. This will help the use of corporate identity in the design and texts, the definition of unique and understandable messages, the development of vision and mission, values ​​and policies.

Quality content becomes a must-have.

Each component of the content should give the reader an answer to a specific question or solve a problem. You as an organization, of course, have expertise and unique experience share it on your communication channels, ask readers what content they expect to receive. Put yourself in the place of the reader will it be interesting and useful for him to read such material?

Brands from different sectors will advocate for a sustainable lifestyle.

Many organizations focus on social goals and sustainability. Even more organizations will build their mission and activities on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Charitable brands must be aware of the concepts of ‘involvement, equality and diversity’.

Brands and companies integrate these principles into their products and projects. This trend provides a platform for charities that, in collaboration with business, can deliver an important message.

The links between business and non-profit organizations will continue to strengthen.

The success of this year's organizations depended largely on the ability to maintain and develop partnerships. In 2021, organizations with an established network of partners can count on some stability and sustainability.