Changes to the School of Success semifinalists list

Attention! We’ve added 15 spots to the School of Success 2016 Girls Camp. The Klitschko Foundation is ready to announce the names of the participants who will compete for the spots in the final

Changes to the School of Success semifinalists list

The past two weeks have been eventful. We’ve combed through all the applications and removed last year’s participants from the competition. Unfortunately, the boys’ applications do not all meet the contest rules. The Klitschko Foundation is offering the chance to take 15 vacant spots to girls from all corners of Ukraine.

And the second group of girls’ semifinalists are: 

14 years

  • Barbara Anastasia, Kiev region
  • Oyster mushroom Anastasia 'region
  • Anastasiya Goncharenko, Sumy region
  • Datsyuk Julia, Volyn region
  • Kasyanchuk Hope 'region

15 years

  • Hurin Catherine
  • Kartynnik Lolita,
  • Korsun Diana,
  • Alexander Melnik, Zaporizhia region
  • Olga Bilyk, Volyn region

16 years

  • Dobrivska Mariana, Ivano-Frankivsk region
  • Maria Kovalenko, Kyiv region
  • Malyshok Sofia, Sumy region
  • Town Hall Daria Poltava region
  • Tovstenko Vilino, Kiev region

Our congratulations! You will receive a call from a Foundation manager at the number you indicated in your application. The phone interviews with the additional semifinalists will take place July 6-8 from 10am to 7pm.

Applicants who have already taken part in School of Success in previous years will not be interviewed. We would like to remind the rest that the Klitschko Foundation retains the right to reject applicants who do not answer the phone three times. Don’t miss your chance!




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