Canada Volunteers – a new all-Ukraine project from the Klitschko Foundation

Students from the University of Manitoba will come to Ukraine this summer to teach children and adults English and hold education and sports projects as volunteers.

Within this project, 6 students from the University of Manitoba ( will arrive in Ukraine this summer to teach children and adults English and hold education and sports projects for several months as volunteers that is for free.

Five of them have Ukrainian origins and they are the representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora and one of the students was born and brought up in Hong Kong. By the way, they equally like Ukraine very much and want to get acquainted with our country closer.

Secondary schools can take part in the project as a receiving side.

The selection of schools will be held as a competitive process with the help of online forms. The main principles of the selection are motivation, ability to teach and familiarity with Ukraine.

School or organization that wants to host a volunteer should have a coordinator – person who will become an intermediate between the education institution, the student from Canada and Klitschko Foundation and will be responsible for the student volunteer's presence at the school. It can be a headmaster, a head teacher or one of the school teachers.

Besides motivation and desire, the important requirement is the readiness of the school to supply the volunteer with a place for living. We need a clean and tidy room with the basic conditions, internet and shower. The student can live, for example, in a hostel, in school worker’s or their friends’ house and so on. Help with food also is desired, if possible.

Schools, which will be the winners of the selection, won’t get finance support from the Klitschko Foundation, the University of Manitoba or someone else. The cooperation between the school and the volunteer will be bilateral volunteer relations.

Would you like to join the project?


If your school is ready to host guests from another country, acquaint the volunteer with Ukrainian culture and language, and improve the English of your students, submit your application by April 10 at 23:59.

The application form: The selection process results will be published April 24 on the Foundation’s pages in social networks and on the site at


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Canada Volunteers

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