Become an international volunteer!

Last year we received an accreditation from the European Solidarity Corps. It gives us an opportunity to send off volunteers to other countries as well as receive them in Ukraine.

Now we have a few exciting opportunities for those who want to volunteer abroad.

Long-term volunteering in Germany

The volunteer will help at the Arche home in Neuenhagen. Such homes are located all around the country. They were initiated by the International Federation of Germany to support people in difficult life circumstances.

Volunteering period: from April 1, 2021 to March 28, 2022. 


- working on mini-projects;

- organizing sports games like football, volleyball, and table football;

- organizing recreational events for youth including activities like drawing, crafts, cooking, cultural presentations, and language learning;

- organizing parties and camping retreats;

- creating posters, flyers, etc.

Daily schedule: 

Morning: free.

Afternoon and evening: volunteering for the organization.

Accommodation, food and transport

The organization provides the volunteer with:

- accommodation (a room in a Berlin apartment);

- food 250 euros a month;

- transportation costs 275 euros;

- online linguistic support (OLS) 150 euros;

- pocket money 1825 euros for the entire volunteering period.

The volunteer also gets a public transportation path monthly to commute in Berlin and surrounding areas.

Education during the volunteering activity

The volunteer will be involved in two online workshops.

Who can become a volunteer: 

- a person who likes working with the youth;

- speaks German on at least B1 level;

- the age and gender do not matter.

How to become a volunteer: 

- send your CV to [email protected];

- have a Skype interview with the organization’s representatives. 


If you have any questions, feel free to address them at [email protected]

Short-term volunteering in Turkey

Afyon Kocatepe University offers a volunteering opportunity within the "AKÜ is starting solidarity movement!" project, which aims to raise awareness about social issues among the student body. The project will involve 8 volunteers from Ukraine, Bosnia, Italy, and Jordan.

Volunteering period (the candidate picks one time period in 2021):

- May-June;

- September-October;

- November-December.


- promoting ESC opportunities among university students, and sharing information via meetings at the local level and at the university;

- sharing information via websites and social media; 

- developing new ideas for increasing engagement of the local community members via intercultural events and language exchange; 

- supporting the organization of youth projects;

- sharing the experience of being an ESC volunteer.

The volunteer’s weekly schedule is subject to change, but you can view it here.

Accommodation, food and transport

The university provides the volunteer with:

- accommodation (one-person apartment);

- food 6 euros per day;

- health insurance;

- transportation costs 275 euros;

- pocket money 244 euros for the entire volunteering period.

Selection criteria:

- 18-30 years old;

- B2 English proficiency;

- personal motivation.

How to become a volunteer: 

- fill out the form:


If you have any questions, feel free to address them at [email protected]