Become a mentor in the School of Success project

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10 busy days await you, during which you will help your team gain skills and knowledge that will be useful in the XXI century. Your team consists of 10 active teenagers aged 14-15, who are already trying to challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone. Girls and boys take part in the project in different races. Before the arrival, managers and a psychologist conduct a training in which mentors learn to work with adolescents. Mentors work with the team in pairs with another mentor.

Mentor responsibilities:

- to accompany the team on morning engines, lectures, excursions to company offices;

- be an example for young people;

- discuss the day with your team;

- create a favorable atmosphere in the team;

- be aware of all events in your team;

- support the participants of his / her team after the project and during the implementation of the local "School of Success".

You are the perfect mentor if:

- you are an adult (18 years and older);

- you are ready to be a mentor during all 10 days and 24 hours / day to be at the project location;

- you are active and motivated;

- you are resistant to stress and are not afraid of new challenges;

- you know how to organize a team or you want to learn it;

- you get along well with other people, you know how to empathize and support;

- you are interested in non-formal education;

- you seek to communicate with motivated active peers;

- you are responsible and aware of your role as a mentor;

- You have no bad habits. No smoking is a prerequisite for participating in the project as a mentor;

- you have a sense of humor :)

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Registration: until 03.04 on

Semi-final: On April 10, we will send an email to the winners of the first stage of the competition and arrange an interview in our office or a video interview from April 13 to 17.

Final: we will send an email to 20 winners (10 boys and 10 girls) of the second stage of the competition (interview) on April 17.

Training for mentors: end of May - beginning of June. Mentors will receive the exact date of the training in an email.

Time of the School of Success project:

Dates of arrival of girls: 02.07 - 11.07. Number of participants: 50. Number of mentors: 10.

Arrival dates of the guys: 14.07 - 23.07. Number of participants: 50. Number of mentors: 10.

Venue: Kyiv.

Participation in the project as a mentor is free on a competitive basis. Participants pay only for the trip to Kyiv and back. Upon successful completion of the project, mentors will receive a certificate from the Klitschko Foundation.

Contacts of the manager

If you have any questions - call from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 at +380 44 492-80-05. Ask the manager of the "School of Success" Igor Efimenko. Contact [email protected] or write to our social networks on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) and Facebook (