Acquaintance with volunteers of communication department

Participation in the volunteer movement is an important mission of our organization. As volunteering involves the mutual exchange of experience and motivation, the Klitschko Foundation is always happy to provide all the opportunities for this exchange. Volunteers of the communication department are people who are responsible for the information content of our fund. As our projects are multi-vector, we consider it necessary to attract more people for the quality implementation of our tasks.

Yakovlev Sergey

Volunteering for me is first of all an opportunity to gain new experience. As a child, watching American movies, I often noticed people who were called volunteers. Even then, I sympathized with people who came out of their own comfort zone, and for a moment became defenders of nature, organizers of sporting events, teachers or even guides. By volunteering, you can see for yourself that our lives are diverse and unpredictable. Thanks to volunteering, many people learn a lot of interesting things about themselves and discover personal potential. The communication department of the Klitschko Foundation is a great opportunity to plunge into the "kitchen" of our country's charity, which unfortunately is not so much. Helping others is the same need that many have been forgetting lately. For me personally, help has a symbolic meaning, because a person who helps others symbolizes a person of high moral values. Sometimes you just need to not be afraid to oppose yourself to this world. And to be a volunteer means to change the world for the better!

Velichko Anastasia

Volunteering is giving something to people. Your time, desire, and most importantly - knowledge. That's how I like it, that you give for pleasure, for new and interesting, for your own development and growth. This year I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Klitschko Foundation, and I am very happy to be able to join a team that embodies the dreams of young people! You meet interesting people, learn to be part of a team and a project, feed your skills and learn to be resilient and wise. Volunteering becomes a training that helps to give people warmth, love and knowledge without any expectation. And become the best yourself.

Kononenko Diana

Volunteering for me is first and foremost a development. This is a chance to show yourself and bring some benefit to others. My career as a volunteer began in school: I helped raise funds, organized charity concerts. It helps to change the world - that's a fact, because everything in our lives is interconnected. Today you will help one person, and that person will help another, a chain of events begins that will affect the planet. I decided to continue my volunteer work, so I applied to the Foundation. I want to change the world, and the Klitschko Foundation has been doing very well for 17 years. I was interested in the Zero Waste School and Success School projects. I am very worried about the ecological state of our planet, so I want to join the eco-education of modern youth as much as possible. I'm sorry I didn't learn about the Foundation when I was 14, because the School of Success is something that helps you believe in yourself, develop your strengths, and express yourself to the world. Volunteering is the driving force that helps change our lives. How many dreams have been realized, how many lives have been saved, how many talented people have found support through volunteering. So, volunteering in all its manifestations helps to develop the spiritual, physical and moral aspects of a person. It makes it clear that not everyone in this life decides money, that people can roll mountains by working in a team. Team spirit is the strongest motivator for change and I am very happy to be part of the Klitschko Foundation team!

Karkachov Alexey

I believe that volunteering is one of the most effective and interesting ways of self-development. If you have agreed to do something for free, then you are interested in the idea itself, and you must have a desire to improve in this area. Personally, I am comfortable working in volunteer teams, because it quickly brings visible results, and also in this way you can share experiences within the team. Of course, understanding that you are creating something useful also helps in your work, and pumping up your skills acts as a nice bonus. I think that volunteering is something that can be useful both for beginners in a certain field of activity, and for anyone who wants to develop as a person.