About a life that changed in a second

One of the participants of the foundation's projects shared her story about how the war invaded her life, her native lands and the whole country.

At the Klitschko Foundation, we have always written success stories about how our participants conquer the peaks, how they accept challenges and how they fight for their dreams.

And we still find it hard to believe that everything has changed so much in an instant. We are already writing stories that are full of pain, loss and horror. There are more than 40 million such stories because in fact every Ukrainian man and woman has experienced what it is like to wake up one day in a country where there is a war.

Someone is ready to tell their stories and almost shout to the whole world about what is happening in Ukraine. Someone can't tell, because he doesn't even want to think about all the horror he had to go through.

And someone is afraid. He or she is afraid to tell because does not know how his/her own story can be used - to declare it fake and use it for propaganda, to find relatives and threaten them, or to continue to mock those who know a particular person. This story is about our participant - a woman who showed the courage to share her story. But we agreed that it would be anonymous and without mention of the settlements or the institution where the participant worked. Only the name, because the woman is worried about the residents of her town, school staff and children who remained in the occupied territories.

Now many Ukrainians can see the latest posts on social networks, dated February 23, 2022. The next day, when every Ukrainian made plans, mapped out going to work the next day and continued to live a normal life. It also concerns our participant. The last time that day, she made a post about how she is proud of her students and what change-making initiatives they have taken. And now Tatiana has only hope that her students are at least alive.

Tatiana is now safe because in the first week of the war she and her relatives managed to leave the territory occupied by Russian troops. By the way, the territory where the woman lived all her life was occupied in the first hours of the war. It was a lucky coincidence that the woman and her family managed to leave. Because the next day, Russian troops did not miss two buses with people from the city.

Now there is a shortage of food in Tatiana's hometown, bank cards have become rubbish because there is no place to withdraw money, people do not receive salaries, pensions are missing in most areas, there is no light and water, and hospitals are occupied by russians. 

To the question: "How are you there?", In recent weeks from acquaintances who remained under occupation, only one answer: "Stably bad." People are being tortured, the occupation regime is monitoring people's social networks - who writes what and to whom.

It is difficult for Tatiana to talk about her colleagues and children. Currently, the woman is not in a relationship with any of the students in her class. Just imagine, no idea about the children who were taught two months ago, and now it is not even clear whether they are alive. Colleagues and school principals, "russian peace" were arrested for a while, all because they had the "wrong position in life": they took in refugees from neighboring areas. Instead, russian soldiers settled in the school.

People do not live, people survive in fear, on the verge of life and death, because you do not know if you can live at least the next few hours.

The woman decided to tell about all this disaster, which is happening a few months ago because she believes that the world should know: the war in Ukraine continues. And the victims of this war are not only those who died from enemy bullets, but also those who were deprived of the right to peaceful life, and this is all Ukrainians and each with its own history.

Now Tatiana lives only with the hope that one day she will return to her home. That one day he will be able to return to the native school and hold a lesson for his beloved students again. She will embrace children, colleagues, all residents, and all Ukrainians, and take a deep breath with the thought that peace is finally in our country.

Our team also hopes for this, so we continue to act, support and fight for our common big and true dream!

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Everything will be Ukraine!


Ph: Katie Godowski // Pexels