A step towards a dream: Myroslava about her participation in Democracy Hub

40 participants, 7 days of intensive discussions and lectures, and lots of new experience. This is the result of the Youth Leadership training.

"The most important thing in leadership is communication, the ability to encourage students, the desire to achieve goals. A leader is a person who is always listened to, who goes ahead without fear of any obstacles, ” says Myroslava, a ninth-grader at Zaporizhzhya Gymnasium № 107.

The girl knows from personal experience why you should not miss the chance and always look for new opportunities. Democracy Hub project has become a driving force for Myroslava to explore new aspects of youth leadership and democracy in general. 

"I have been following Klitschko Foundation for more than two years. I try to register for all interesting projects and, noticing the announcement of "Democracy Hub", I immediately decided that I have to pass the selection! " - Myroslava remembers.

The girl has been interested in history, democracy, debates and language learning for a long time. During the project week Myroslava was most impressed by Alina Nosenko's speech about the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as lectures on economics, history of democracy. Passion in the eyes of peers, who inspired her to work on herself every minute, to develop creativity, leadership and thirst for knowledge have contributed to her unique experience as well. 

“Participants were a team of like-minded people who took part in the project for the sake of self-development, realization of their own potential, formation of strong personality. Everyone has a common goal. These are cool young people who want more from their lives. They are not only teenagers, but those who make changes,” the girl says.

Myroslava's desire to become a member of Democracy Hub was motivated by the desire to learn something new, use the acquired knowledge in the future and search for new opportunities. According to the girl, now she is one step closer to her dream — to enter the Faculty of International Relations, because the knowledge gained will definitely come in handy.

According to Myroslava, democracy is freedom of speech and equal rights for all, regardless of gender and age. Developing leadership is one of the most important points that every 21st century teenager should include in their ‘must-have’ list. 

Myroslava has already done that, have you?

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