11 Mirrors Design Hotel supports Success Packages project

11 Mirrors Design Hotel becomes a partner in the Success Packages project under the Fight for Your Dream fundraising campaign to help promote sports among Ukrainian youngsters and contribute to the ​harmonious development of their personalities.

Success Packages is the ambitious project seeking to revive interest in physical activities as well as to support physical education in comprehensive and sports schools nationwide.

Local schools often lack modern physical education facilities. Therefore, the Klitschko Foundation has launched the donation campaign to provide schools with sports equipment: balls, football bibs, whistles, stopwatches, jumping-ropes, pump and net for balls.

To achieve this aim, the Klitschko Foundation will organize a competition among school-age children, their parents, coaches, sports instructors, etc. Competitors should submit documents to confirm the legal status of a participating school and shoot a video of children engaged in physical training. Winners will receive one of 50 Success Packages containing a set of sports equipment.

Since 2014, the Klitschko Foundation has delivered sports equipment to 188 schools. This year 1013 participants were competing to win their Success Package.

“To engage children in sports, we must be sure that the one who wants to play football has a ball, the one who dreams of becoming a champion has sports facilities in their town or village where they will be honing their skills. However, sport is not only about great athletes and their awards. It is also about healthy lifestyle, friendship, and planning the future. Through sport, we get acquainted with our first friends in the yard, learn to be honest and play by the rules. Sport unites communities. And our task is to find the most active one, who are willing to change themselves and are brave to take responsibility for transforming the society they live in.” – commented Alina Nosenko, Director of the Klitschko Foundation.

 “11 Mirrors’ philosophy reflects 11 qualities of an accomplished personality, including independence, passion and harmony. The Success Packages initiative corresponds to our values,” – says Maryna Rymarenko, General Manager of 11 Mirrors Design Hotel and Partner for strategic development, investments and hospitality at DEOL Partners (developer and operator for 11 Mirrors). “We are happy to cooperate with the Klitschko Foundation on their project. The Success Packages initiative will encourage Ukrainian children to follow their passion, express their potential and achieve success in whatever they do. 11 Mirrors supports new ideas, events, and concepts in the world of culture, fashion, design, art and sports that contribute to shaping Ukraine’s positive image – contemporary, inspiring and cosmopolitan.”

11 Mirrors invites everybody to join the Success Packages initiative and help Ukrainian children enjoy new sports equipment.

Those wishing to take part in the project can donate directly at 11 Mirrors Design Hotel or via the Klitschko Foundation`s website. 

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An online educational project for physical education teachers that will teach effective teaching methods and help to attract students to an active lifestyle, playing sports both at school and outside.

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