The project aims to create conditions for children to do sports and exercises. The Klitschko Foundation under the support of the Coca-Cola Foundation contributes to the developement of sports infrastructure in both cities and rural areas of Ukraine.

According to a study by Britain’s ChildWise, 99.8% of European children aged 11-16 have mobile phones, personal electronics devices, and constant internet access. AS a result, children often spend their free time in social networks, watching video or playing computer games instead of playing outside and developing physically. There is also a lack of sport infrastructure and decreased interest in sport among children, leading to a worsening in children's fitness. On top of all that, there’s child smoking and drug and alcohol use.

The Klitschko Foundation launched the initiative “Call your friends – let’s play together!” in 2005 to combat this situation, and to this day it remains relevant.

  • 181 playgrounds
  • 135 cities and villages
    took part
  • 8533 applications

In 2015, the Klitschko Foundation received a record number of applications – over 2000! – which confirms the need for sport infrastructure in educational institutions.

Call your friends - let's play together!


Participants :

Applications can be submitted by children of any age, their parents, teachers, school administrative personnel, and members of local social organizations.

How to take part?

  • Step 1: use photos or video to tell a story about sport with your friends
  • Step 2: get written permission from the director of your school to build a playground (200 sq.m.)
  • Step 3: take a picture of the proposed location (3-5 photos)
  • Step 4: write a group letter from the school with no fewer than 20 signatures. Anyone who shares your idea can sign – teachers, parents, or other students
  • Step 5: wait for an answer!"


take part

Donation resources

Project financing comes from a grant from the Coca-Cola Foundation.

Project Team

  • Viсtor Kolesnyk

    Head of Sports Projects Department
  • Dmitro Kryzhanivsky

    Manager of Sports Projects



The project Success Packages was initiated to develop and support sports in Ukraine. Within this project, comprehensive and sports schools receive packages with sports equipment.

  • 238 packages sent
  • 53 240 children took part
  • 1521 applications in 2017
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