International interdisciplinary conferences for young scientist and start-ups. It gives them the opportunity to present their ideas in the scientific, social, industrial and business field to the whole world.

Falling Walls Lab was created in honor of the 20-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall under the auspices of the German government and business community. Participants have three minutes and three slides to present their idea in any area of science, society, industry, or business. The conference language is English.

Falling Walls Lab facilitates discussion of research and innovation and is an excellent opportunity for young scientists and specialists to present their ideas, projects, and initiatives to the whole world.

This year Kyiv conference will be held on 30th September in NSC "Olympiyskiy", Chempions Hall.

  • 141 application
  • 21 experts
    evaluated participants
  • 50 talents
    presented ideas

In 2015, Ukraine took part for the first time in Falling Walls Lab when the Klitschko Foundation was granted the right to represent our country.

Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016


We are looking for:

  • gifted youth
  • generators of ideas and business models
  • advanced speakers of English

Who can participate:

  • Innovative thinkers from various disciplines;
  • students currently attending university;
  • anyone with a bachelor’s degree awarded not more than ten years ago;
  • anyone with a master’s degree awarded not more than seven years ago;
  • anyone with a Ph.d. awareded not more than five years ago;
  • professors, young professionals, young scientists, and entrepreneurs.


  • Stage one: a conference in Kyiv;
  • Stage two: winners will attend the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin to present their projects.

The project is financed: by the Klitschko Foundation and its partners.



Alexander Shymanko

Alexander Shymanko

Conferences are an extremely important academic format for our generation. I've already told my friends with good ideas to take part in Falling Walls Kyiv Lab, and they're really interested! I think it's good to keep in touch with other participants in the future to do more projects and help each other.

Artem Scherbinka

Artem Scherbinka

The conference was really well organized. On-time problem help and problem solving in coordination was really important. I can't but mention the great atmosphere and the attitude of the staff and volunteers. Since this was the first time for the conference in Ukraine, some of the projects aren't quite ready yet, but this is just the beginning. I think the participants - people with ambitions, wishes, and ideas - should exchange opinions, experience, and achievements. It would be great if the participants worked together further on startups and projects.

Constantin Hanushevych

Constantin Hanushevych

I really liked the presentation time limit of three minutes. It would be great for this conference to take place annually - young scholars should make their ideas public for additional motivation.

Іvanna Nebor

Іvanna Nebor

The conference was well done overall. I liked the organiers' approach to participants during preparation: they explained everything in detail and were always available to answer questions.

Project Team



Falling Walls Venture: where science meets business. Falling Walls Venture is an international forum for prominent venture capitalists, strategic investors, scientific-based start-ups and opinion leaders.

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  • 20 presentations at international final
  • 5 minutes speech
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