We give motivated and ambitious students the opportunity to become our intern and be a part of a successful team!

Klitschko Foundation’s internship is a 3-month program aimed for the carrier guidance for students of 2-4 year of study. We create conditions for young people to meet all the stages of setting up in employment by themselves: from interviewing to getting the recomendations for the next work place.

Duration of training - 3 months (February 5 - April 27)
Deadline for applications - January 28
Fill out the form and wait for an invitation to the next stage of selection!

  • 7 rounds
    of internship
  • 2144 candidates
    for intern position
  • 126 students
    became interns

The internship gives an opportunity to get practical experience of work in the charitable organization and develop professional skills in the fields, such as:

  • public relations
  • project management
  • graphic design
  • fundrising of social projects
  • administrative assistance.

Pay attention, working with graphic design requires basic knowledge of photo editors!

Competition for internship will consist of 3 stages:

  1. Application on + writing an essay in foreign language on the chosen topic.
  2. British Council`s training programme  “Active citizens”. Friendly atmosphere will allow to show up the personal qualities and team working skills of the candidate.
  3. Interviewing. During personal communication the professional qualities and the candidate`s ability to work in formal conditions will be evaluated.


First Step


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will I get paid for doing the job?

The internship is, first and foremost, an education. Foundation gives students an opportunity to complete their theoretical knowledge with practical skills. You will acquire a priceless experience, completely free.

Will I have a proof of my internship completion?

Every candidate will sign an official agreement with Klitschko Foundation, in which his or her rights and obligations over the course of the internship will be specified. Having successfully finished the program, an intern will receive a certificate with an addition mentioning his or her obligations.

Can I finish the internship earlier?

The program is intended to last for three months. Only the ones who finish the internship completely will get a certificate. Otherwise, the contract between sides will be terminated.

Do I need work experience?

One of the Foundation’s goals is to allow young people to get their first practical work experience. Having previously participated in educational or social projects will only help you during the competition.

Does my university program matter?

The program you are following in the university does not matter, what is more important are your personal interest and a will to grow in the fields that are offered by the Foundation.

Will I have enough time for both my study and internship?

Time-management is one of the necessary skills of a successful person. The effectiveness of your study and internship will depend on how well you can plan your day. Considering your university schedule you will choose the time and days for the internship that are comfortable for you. The more you participate in Foundation’s activities - the bigger results you will achieve.

How will I receive my tasks?

The tasks will be formulated by the heads of the Foundation and project managers. the internship is intended to advance your current skills, and so, first of all, get the tasks that correspond with your skills, that were mentioned in your application form. However, you will have to do many things for the first time here. After all, an initiative is always encouraged!

How will we learn? How will the execution of our tasks be controlled?

The role of the Foundation is to give you a practical task, yours - is to find solutions yourself. We want to teach you how to find creative ways to solve a problem, so don’t expect to get step-by-step instructions. We value effort and a will to learn, and a well-executed job - is your own experience and a cause for recommendations.

Are there any special rules I should consider?

The Foundation values its reputation, and so we have some rules for the interns. Foundation’s office is located in a business center, which is, for safety reasons, only possible to enter if you have the documents and a provisional agreement. You will get an access to the information that could be important and confidential, it should be left behind the office walls. We are always glad to communicate, and so we work in an open space, but still value one’s silence and time.

Can I get a job at the Foundation after the internship?

Foundation's team is not so big, but we have more and more projects and ideas. There are differrent ways how you can cooperate with the Foundation. As soon as we have open vacancies we are glad to invite our interns for the interview. It's also possible to work remotedly or on a certain project. Thus, the internship is your probation period. If you can prove that you share our values you have every chance to join our team.


Soon you will have more and more new questions. We will gladly answer them!

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