Aspen Teen is a philosophical seminar for adolescents with visionary skills. The seminar is organized by the Klitschko Foundation and The Aspen Institute Kyiv.

Because of the constant change and flux in all spheres of modern life, each person has to develop his\her personal skills in the 21st century. Humanity is challenged by different factors such as: technological innovations, social activity, climate changes, exaggeration of information and others.

Adolescents want to find answers to questions connected to the steps to adulthood. These questions can be different. Who am I?  What do I want to become? What should the society in which I want to live be like? What are my dreams for my life? What can make me happy? What is my mission in life? No doubt, that answer for these questions determines the way of life for each of us. You need to search them out by yourself.

We will organize the philosophical seminar “The Realms of the Future” within program “Aspen Teens”.

The main goal of the seminar is to create a tendency among participants to think critically, to spread among teenagers the idea of value-oriented leadership and to encourage them to create a society of the future.

During the seminar "Realms of the Future" participants will get motivation for self-development, they will form their prospective and their goals. They will discuss everyday challenges with the participation of the moderator: a choice of future profession, relationships in family and society, how to defend your own position etc.

Who is this seminar for?

We are searching motivated and creative adolescents at the age of 14- 16 years. You have to study at the 10th form. You have to think outside the box. You have to take responsibility for changes in society and you have to become a mouthpiece of progressive ideas.

Number of participants – 20 persons.

Duration of the seminar – 2 days (29-30th of March).

Questionnaires are accepted until 22nd of February.

We will publish the results of the selection of participants on the site. You can see updates in the  "News" section on the website on the 1st of March.

Partner for the Project

The Aspen Institute Kyiv is a civic organization that promotes mutual understanding between Ukrainian leaders on key issues. Moreover, it supports the development of value-oriented leadership and a culture of dialogue about the main principles of social interaction.

Financial Questions

This project is financed by the following sponsors: charitable organization “Klitschko Foundation” and the civic organization “The Aspen Institute Kyiv”.

Project Team



The project is designed to foster the development of local communities in small towns and villages through non-formal education and to teach them to solve social and global problems.

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