20 playgrounds are waiting for the sportiest and the most active ones!

We want your school to come together to show that you are the real champions. The more students join the project, the more chances you have to win.

Klitschko Foundation believes that it is our mission to establish conditions for the harmonious development of the young generation. Sport activities are essential for the healthy lifestyle. That's why we are happy to announce that the competition "Invite your friends - let's play together!" has started.

This year within the framework of the project "Invite your friends - let's play together!", supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation, the Klitschko Foundation plans to install and solemnly open 20 playgrounds meeting the modern ecological standards and having a bright and stylish design.

All students of Ukrainian general secondary schools aged between 12 and 18 years may take part in the competition.
The competition will be held from 22th August to 5th September 2016.



The project aims to create conditions for children to do sports and exercises. The Klitschko Foundation under the support of the Coca-Cola Foundation contributes to the developement of sports infrastructure in both cities ...

  • 181 playgrounds installed
  • 135 cities and villages took part
  • 8533 applications recieved
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